Community Manager Job Description

Do you dream of being a community manager? This position is an online voice to the world. The person who wants to work as a community manager should have strong writing and communications skills, social media and also public relations experience. Do you know the tasks of community manager? Before you apply, it is important to know the job description of community manager.

You may think that being a community manager is easy. You just need to manage social media and have the ability to communicate with people. However, it is more than that because you will serve as the face of a company. If you really want to be a community manager, you have to prepare.

So, what are the responsibilities of community manager?

  • A community manager will set and implement social media and communication campaigns to align with marketing strategies.
  • A community manager will have to respond to comments and customer queries in a timely manner.
  • Community manager has to provide engaging text, image, and also video content for social media accounts.
  • Community manager organizes and participates in events to build community and boost brand awareness.
  • Community manager monitors and then reports on feedback and online reviews.
  • Community manager cooperates with Development and Sales departments to stay updated on new products and features.
  •  Community manager coordinates with PR, Marketing and Communications teams to guarantee brand consistency
  • Community manager build relationship with customers, potential customers, industry professionals and also journalists
  • Community manager need to stay up to date with digital technology trends.

From those job descriptions, now you can imagine the requirements that you should fulfill to be a community manager. If you cannot imagine that, here we have provide you the information about requirements of being a community manager. 

  • Having the ability to identify and track relevant community metrics such as repeating attendance at events.
  • Having an experience as a community manager can be a good point.
  • Having experience launching community initiatives such as launching an ambassador program, building an online forum, making an event series and writing an email newsletter.
  • Having writing skills which is excellent.
  • Having excellent verbal communications skills.
  • Having the ability to interpret website traffic and also online customer engagement metrics.
  • Handing on experience with social media management for brands.
  • Having BSc degree in Marketing or relevant field.
  • Having knowledge for online marketing and marketing channels.
  • Attention to detail and ability to multitask.

So, do you meet the requirements to be a community manager? If so and this is your dream job, you are able to look for job vacancies now for community manager position.

But, if you think that you do not meet some requirements such as you are a fresh graduate without any work experience, you do not need to be pessimistic. You are able to try first. Even though you have no experience but you are smart and passionate about what you are doing, it is not impossible that you will be given a chance by the company to be a community manager. 

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