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logo-conn'sConn’s is located at the American West with its large operation area. At least, it covers 5 U.S. states and chains about 2,800 employees. With 75 locations in operation, it stills continuously add the new staffs to run its business. It gives the huge opportunities for entry level employees as well as the experienced professionals.

The Facts about Conn’s

Conn’s is welcoming anyone who want to build a strong career in the daily consumer needs store. At least, the applicants should be 18 years old to work here. The operation times of this department store are so depending on the day. On Monday to Friday, it operates from 11.00 am until 8.00 pm. On Saturday, it opens from 10.00 am until 8.00 pm. And on Sunday, it operates from 11.00 am until 6.00 pm. Right now, it offers the wide opportunities for anyone. The available positions are including Cashier, Store Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Business Data Analyst, Warehouse Delivery Helper, Service Technician, Collections Representative, Developer and Graphic Artist.

Job Opportunities at Conn’s

Conn’s is a pretty good place to start a career, especially for its working culture. There is no real experience to get hired here. But for managerial positions, experience is required. Beside it, the applicants should be 18 years old at the minimum.

Salary and Positions Information

Commonly, job seekers are looking for a job as cashier, sales associates and managers. As a cashier, workers responsible to greet the customers, organizing store frontends, answering questions about products, service and policies, processing payment and operating cash registers. The most cashiers work for 15 up to 30 hours per week and earn the minimum wage.

Sales associate is pretty similar with cashier. It also involves the similar responsibilities that are focusing on the customer service. Sales associate must have a solid communication skill. There is no special requirements to apply this job, but the previous related experience may benefit the applicants. A sales associate will earn the minimum wage or $11.00 for the maximum.

Managers is a good career for people who are looking for a management career. At least, there are 2 common positions on the management. Those are store manager and assistant manager. Leadership or organization background are required. As a manager, you will earn up to $60,000 per year.

Tips to Apply the Job

Willingness to work in the varied shifts will be appreciated by the hiring staff. Beside it, applicants must be able to show ability as a team player. All of them will help the job seekers to get the job.

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