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Online Job Application for Costco Jobs

Costco Canada is providing job opportunities for full-time and part-time job seekers. These opportunities are intended for those who have strong work ethic, open availability, and customer service skill. You can apply for positions such as maintenance assistance, forklift driver, and stocker simply by filling in the online application form.

Information on Costco Canada jobs and salary

To apply for the Costco Canada positions, you must meet the hiring requirements. Some of them are having working experience in customer-oriented work ethics or department store, and at least 18 years old. Some of those positions are open for entry-level workers. Some of the positions that are regularly hired by Costco Canada are stocker, cashier, management, and sales assistance.

Being a stocker needs manual labor, lifting heavy objects ability, and physical endurance. It is available for part-time and full-time workers. The responsibilities of a stocker are organizing straightening, and stocking shelves, loading and unloading shipment, and arranging display. The average salary of Costco stocker is $12.50/hour. Newly hired stockers receive between $10/hour and $11/hour.

Costco cashiers responsibilities are operating cash registers, answering questions on pricings, policies, products, and service, greeting customer, and handling money. If you want to apply this position, you must have experience in working with POS. Newly hired cashiers get more than $10/hour while experienced cashiers get more than $12/hour.

Advantages of working at Costco Canada

Costco Canada provides job benefits for its part-time and full-time employees. Part-time employees will get the benefits after completing the 180 days probation. Meanwhile, full-time employees will get it once they completed the 90-day probationary phase. The benefit package consist of 401 retirement plans, life insurance options, disability coverage, medical, vision, dental, and prescription drug plans, and employee stock purchase plans. Costco also give discount, merchandise, and uniform for its employees.

More information about Costco

There are about 80 Costco locations in Canada and about 600 locations all around the world. This retailer is operated as membership-based discount chain stores. It sells various household goods, groceries, home and garden essentials, music, movies, and toys.


The first Costco was founded in 1983 in Seattle, U.S. It became one of the biggest retailers in the world very quickly. In 1985, the first Costco was founded in Canada.

Products and services

In order to shop in Costco, customers must apply for Costco paid-in membership first. They can buy beauty products, health products, groceries, and other goods in bulk. The locations of these stores are usually in major metropolitan area, suburban area, or small towns along main highways.


In a year, Costco can generate almost $90 million revenues.

Minimum age to work at Costco: 18

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