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For more than 50 years, Cousins Subs has dedicated its work to serving only the best quality of sandwiches to customers in more than 100 chains. Established in Milwaukee, WI, Counsins Subs is focusing in building a fast-serving restaurants, both online and offline. Cousins Subs caters to all needs, from delivery services, catering services, personal orders, up to in-store fast service.

General Information on Job Opportunities

Applicants should be at least 16 years old by the time they apply for any position. However, this is flexible, depending on each state’s working and parental permission regulations. They are required to submit records on academic backgrounds, working experience, as well as other additional information such as the position that they wish to acquire, and their available working time. Applicants can ensure completion of their submitted information by downloading the application form online and filling out all the required fields in the form. Cousins Subs are open for both experienced and newbies in the field of fast-food services.

Information on Positions and Salary

The three common positions that are available in Cousins Subs are Crew Members, Shift Leaders, and Managers. Crew members are required to perform basic restaurant duties such as cleaning, taking orders, explaining the menu, taking payments, and giving other necessary in-restaurant service to the customers. Restaurant also calls for kitchen duties such as preparing ingredients, wrapping sandwiches, and maintaining hygiene of the food and the working stations. Crew members responsible for the cash registers should also be trained well to operate the registers and input the correct codes. Crew members will receive minimum wages up to $8.00 or $9.00 per hour.

The shift leaders are the ones responsible for the whole store. They are the advancement of position of crew members. Shift leaders should be responsible for the retaurant’s opening and closing, member training, customer problem solving, and restaurant ingredient supplies. The salary ranges from $8.00 up to $11.00 per hour.

The managers are working on the organizational and operations of the restaurant. This include member recruitment, organization of schedules, control of supplies, and some other administrative works. The best cadidate for managers are applicants with the ideal capabilities on performing effective and flawless work. The salary ranges from $35,000 up to $40,000 per year.

Cousins Subs also provide additional benefits for the workers such as discounts and free meals. Trainings are also provided by the company to nourish each worker’s knowledge on fields related. In terms of financial aid, Cousins Subs also provide medical insurance, retirement plans, and other types of insurance. For new comers, Cousins Subs caters to the need of a more flexible working hour.

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