Cover Letter for Human Resource (HR) Position

human resource developmentHuman Resource (HR) is a sought after position among applicants. The applicants for this position should be highly qualified especially if they apply for HR manager position. They are the people behind job recruitment. When you write an application letter, for instance, the letter is addresses to the manager or Human Resource Division. But, the duty is not limited to recruitment only. The general duty of Human Resource Team is to oversee and supervise workers in all departments of the company. If you plan to apply a HR position you should write a proper cover letter for Human Resource (HR) position. The guidelines below can be really helpful.

Cover letter Guidelines

Begin your letter by writing the date, address, and open salutation. There are many samples to refer. Just imitate the form. Under the open salutation you can start writing your paragraphs. There is nothing special with the first paragraph and the last paragraph. The first paragraph contains information like how you know about the job opening and your interest toward the job. Meanwhile the last paragraph is about thanking and your hope of hearing back from the company. What you need to focus more is in the second and third paragraphs. Explain you education background in paragraph two. If you are experienced people, briefly describe your current jobs including your position and duties. Then, explain your related skills in details in the next paragraph. As a HR team, you can say that you are honest, fair-minded, ethical, and discreet. Also, highlight you management and technical skills.

How to follow up a letter application

After you send your cover letter, of course you will hope to get the response quickly. If the employer need to fill the position soon and you are qualified enough for the job, perhaps you will be contacted in only a couple of days. In fact, there are reasons why you need to wait even for weeks to receive the response. Human Resource (HR) belongs to sough after position, meaning that there can be a lot of candidates for this position, especially if the company is the reputable one. Online application may be able to review quickly because it uses computerized system to select which candidates are qualified. But, it is a paper application, a good employer should review the letter one by one and this may take time. This does not mean that you should always wait within unlimited time. Be proactive by calling the team recruitment if there is already two weeks or more without response. Another way to follow up application letter can be done through a follow up paper. It considered more professional and polite as well. In the letter, tell the employer that you are really interested in the job. Do not change your phone number or address while you are waiting for the response, otherwise the company won’t be able to contact you. Also, check your email and other contacts you wrote in the cover letter or resume. Who knows the application status has been sent to email.

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Cover Letter for Human Resource (HR) Position

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