Cover Letter for Sales Job with No Experience

Some companies do not only seek for applicants who already have years of experience and a lot of skills. They sometimes open an opportunity for those who still seek for new experience of working. Of course, the requirements are not that hard to fulfill. Here is the sample for applying job as sales job. Applicants from fresh graduate may give the company new look and idea. Young people is full with new idea, this may good for their company.

Soft skill is needed for applying jobs. This may become your strength that you need to show in your cover letter. As fresh graduate, showing soft skills and your spirit of working is important to the company. Your spirit might become the spirit of company as well. On their first paragraph, people who are skillful mention their work experience. Yet, since you are lack of it, mention to them the soft skill you have. You can also describe your experience one by one, suited with the qualification they need. For instance, they seek for a good communication skill person, and then explain your experience that you have good skill of communication on your cover letter on your resume.

Cover Letter for Sales Job with No Experience Sample

14 March 2014
Mr. Robert Frost
Market Company
140 Diamond Avenue
California 54213

Dear Mr. Frost,

I am interested in the advertisement that your company publish on last week for seeking a highly motivated, honest, and good communication skill sales job. I am graduated student from One University of North Carolina who is interested in fulfilling the vacancy in your company as sales job.

In university I join many organizational groups. I believe that this experience has helped me to maintain my soft skill in having relation with many people and working with groups or alone. I am sure that my skill can be fit in requirements you need as sales job in your company. My subject of study is in business. Thus, this makes me know more about the background of business and marketing as well. Being sales job can be an opportunity for me to have more experience in sales world.

Along with this letter, I enclose my personal information, my resume on organizational groups I join, my score transcript, certificates on business learning, and leadership development program that I have joined. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Feel free to contact me to (989) 989-9898.

Thank you for your time.


Anne Frank

Encl. Resume and Copy of Certificates.

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