Covering Letter for Finance Manager Position


Finance manager is one of the popular positions for experienced persons. It can be tough to write covering letter for finance manager position. As the position is very popular, of course there will be a lot of candidates. A cover letter is a part of the competition. If your cover letter is not well-written, you will fail and cannot go to the next recruitment process. Luckily, cover letter samples are now widely accessible. But, you have to be selected in choosing the best sample to follow. Choose the one that can grab the reader’s attention. If your prospective employer is interested with your cover letter, he will be willing to read the resume. Below are the example of cover letter. It tells you what should be written in a good cover letter.

Cover Letter

Write a cover letter that is to the point. Do not write your idea in many paragraphs. 3-5 paragraphs are sufficient. In the first paragraph, tell where you know the job vacancy from. Write the details of the job advertisement. If you know the job openings from a newspaper, write the name of the newspaper and the date it is published. In the second paragraph, tell your education background. Usually a finance manager position requires bachelor degree majoring in economic or accounting as one of the qualification. You should also mention your current job and your experience. Write the job description and responsibilities of your current jobs. In the next paragraph, write about your personalities and additional skills.

Additional Tips

After you finish writing the cover letter, review it again many times. A cover letter is the letter that later on will be read by your employer. So, make sure every single word is spelled correctly and the grammar is also good. Sometimes, the recruitment team will disqualify the cover letter if there are grammatical errors and misspelled words. Keep the letter and the resume short and to the point. No one wants to spend a lot of time to read one letter as there can be hundreds of letter that the manager receives. If you have loads of things to say, you can say that when you are given a chance for interview. Based on request, you can write your application by hand or you can type it using computer. If it is computerized, it is better to save in .pdf format instead of .doc. PDF format is considered as more professional. Moreover, nobody can change the content. It is also visually more attractive. Sometimes, it will take longer for the manager to review all cover letters because there can be a lot of letters. If it has been weeks and you do not hear back from an employer, you can be proactive by sending a follow-up letter in a proper manner. One week after sending the follow-up letter, if there is still no answer, you can call the employer. In some cases, employers are too busy that they often forget let the applicants know that the position has already been filled. (Read also

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Covering Letter for Finance Manager Position

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