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Culver is a fast-food chain with excellent customer services in terms of food quality and order services. Its success bears a large expansion of 500 location of restaurants around the world. Culver’s specialty is in its diverse food selection, aside from the traditional beef burgers and fries. Culver is able to serve the customer with menus ranging from seafood sandwiches to milkshakes with many different kinds of toppings.

General Information on Job Opportunities

Culver requires a minimum of 16 years of age for all applicants. It is open for both experienced and high school or college fresh graduates, both for part-time and full-time work. Flexible schedule is provided for part-timers. The general qualities that all applicants must possess are good communication skill, good manners, good basic household duties performance, and hardwork.

Information on Positions and Salary

Culver is looking for applicants to fill three divisions of work; crew members, porters, and management. Crew members are responsible for preparing meals and dealing with transactions. Most of the works are physical, so applicants are required to have good physical health especially that members are required to stand for a long period of time during meal preparation and customer services. Crew members do not have specific duties, but they are required to be able to maintain the condition of the store in terms of hygiene, customer service, food quality, and operating cash registers. The crew members are awarded with an hourly pay of minimum wage up to $9.00.

Applicants with duties in the porter division is responsible for maintaining the hygiene and sanitation of the whole restaurant. This includes cleaning the kitchen, restrooms, interior area of the restaurant, as well as the exterior such as the patio and the parking area. Porters should also be skillful in repairing the installed facilities of the restaurant. Pay starts from minimum salary, and increase in parallel with experience.

For applicants with prior experience in the field of fast-food service, management position is most suitable. Applicants can choose between shift and full-time positions. Shift managers act as supervisors for inventory, hiring and training workers, organizing schedules, and making sales reports. Full-time managers are in charge of the whole operation of the restaurant including checking sales reports, supplies, and payroll duties. Shift managers will earn $9.00 to $10.00 per hour while restaurant managers earn $30,000 up to $40,000 per year.

Culver also rewards its employees with training, career advancement, and some financial benefits. These benefits include scholarships, entrepreneurship programs, health insurance, retirement plans, life insurance, and paid vacation period.

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