Customer Service Representative (CSR) Interview Sample Questions

Are you applying for Customer Service Representative? If you have sent your application letter, you just need to wait for the interview invitation. Usually the employers will give respond in more or less two weeks. After you are given the schedule for the interview, you should make enough preparation like learning more about CSR position and the company as well. Below are some top Customer Service Representative (CSR) Interview Sample Questions that may be found in your interview test.

Tell about yourself

It is a very common question the employer will pose. When you are asked to tell about yourself you should speak confidently. The question sounds too general but actually you do not need to tell anything about yourself. Just focus on the aspects that are in line with the positions. Start with telling the employer about your education including where you graduate from, what year, and what major. Before you move to tell about your experience, highlight your achievement when you were in college if any. It will be also beneficial if you involved in some organizations, seminars, workshops, and extracurricular activities. As a CSR, such activities are important to develop interpersonal and communication skills. Next, tell about your working experiences if you have any. You might have some experiences in several different positions and fields. Do not mention all. Again, you should only focus on important information that has something to do with the job you apply. Tell in details your experience as CSR before including the job description and responsibilities. This may include serving customers face-to-face, making phone calls, listening to costumers’ complaints, etc.

What skills did you learn about this business?

In order to be able to answer this question you should learn the specific business of the company. Mentioning only general skills such as listening, answer questions, making phone calls, and dealing with difficult customers is not enough. For example, if you apply for a CSR in a bank, you should know what specific skills required for the position. Technical skills such as working on computer data base dealing with accounting database and interest accounts are important for banking field. These skills may be different from those of retail stores, medical, or education fields.

How do you manage difficult clients?

This question is a question about problem-solving skills and techniques. A CSR will deal with clients. That is why this question always appears in a job interview. When facing difficult client, a good CSR should stay calm. You should listen and try to understand what the customer is saying. If there is angry customer who screams at you, for example, you should stay polite but firm. Reporting to the supervisor is sometimes necessary, too. When as answering this question always begin with “Based on my experience….” It shows that you have ever applied the strategy before.

Why should we hire you?

This is another common question posed by the employer. The applicants may have more or less the same skills. Think a rare skill that not all applicants have. Excellent candidates are those who posses unique quality. For example, tell the employer that you have a quality of leadership. Highlight that many people can many people can talk to the customers, but not all of them can be a good leader for their teamwork.

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