CV for a Fashion Job Format

Methods in Creating CV for a Fashion Job

Most people are willing to spend their time sitting in front of their computer screen just to update Facebook page, while the other is busy choosing the best outfit for them. Shortly speaking, personal appearances considered as an important thing for people. That is why they love to update Facebook profile, or spend some time shopping at a boutique to purchase the best clothes. The same case seems can be seen as when the one is writing a CV. People need to actualize themselves through the CV, because it can help change their life a lot. Therefore, if you were able to spend 2 hours for your Facebook page, why do not you allocate the same hours to write a nice CV?

By mentioning “nice CV,” we meant a lot through those words. You cannot just create a usual CV when you want to send fashion job application. Since you are intending to get a job in fashion worlds, your CV then, must be beautiful, fashionable, and creative as well. If you already have one, consider re-writing it, so that you can attract the attention of employers. Employers usually need 15 up to 30 seconds to check on your CV before deciding whether you will be on the list of interviews or not. Therefore, structure of CV becomes important. A question arises then: how does to create an informative fashion CV? Here are some tips to consider.

  • Do not include a cover letter since it is out of date.
  • Give some personal details. When writing your name, use larger font so employers can spot your name easily. Put contact details on the top of document.
  • Make a simple and clear CV. When creating a CV, be sure to use recognizable fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri that familiar to the eye. Remember to create a CV using Word software. Do not use a template, because you need to start with a clean page. Avoid using fancy fonts, images, designs, patterns, and colors.
  • Substitute cover letter with the mission statement/personal statement. You can create one paragraph to show your personal statement through the CV. You can locate it on the sidelines of the career history and your personal details. A personal statement shows your interest, i.e. what kind of challenge you are looking for, or where is your position in the world of fashion. Such a personal statement to function as a first impression.
  • Describe your educational history briefly and clearly. Make it in bullet format.
  • Make your job history briefly and clearly. Do not forget to put bullet format on it. Explain the year, positions, and responsibilities for each of your employment history.
  • Put your work experience before your educational history. Describe the most recent employment in a more detailed way, because this one would be more important for the employer.
  • If you have received an internal promotion during your career in the world of fashion, you need to emphasize it. In general, receive promotion is somewhat good information when placed on the CV page.

At the last, a CV intended for fashion job should at least highlighting several points. They were including good physical stamina and numerical abilities, strong people skills, an eye for the latest trends in the fashion world, and abilities to manage the organization.

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