CV Sample for Management Trainee Position

Brief description about the position

It is a good opportunity for fresh graduate to apply for a position as management trainee position. This position is intended for fresh graduate where experiences are not required. It is because after being accepted, applicants will join a training program. In the program, the employer can see in what specific field the trainees are good at. In the program they will get only 70-80 % of salary. Later on when they finish the program they can get full salary. When they finish the program, it will be decided on what position they will work. In some companies, those who join the program can fail if they do not show good performance during the training. But if they pass, there will be great opportunity to grow. Banking, restaurant, property business, and chemical industry, to name a few, are the examples of employers that often hire management trainees. Given a brief description of management trainee position, are you interested to start career with it? If you are, start searching resume or CV sample for management trainee position. Here are some useful guidelines to help customize the CV Sample for Management Trainee Position.


Every CV also begins with career objective. For management trainee position, writing an objective is quite simple since it usually only highlights general points. Always start with what you are seeking for. State that your education backgrounds can be utilized. If you have some experiences in internship program, you may include it as well. Keep it only in one or two sentence in for two or three lines.


Usually management trainee positions do not require a specific education background. Those who have bachelor degree for any disciplines are welcome to apply. Write down the college where you graduated from and the major program you take. For inexperienced applicants, usually the employer will make assessment from the reputability of the company and the achievement during the college. So it is better to write the college accreditation and your GPA if necessary.

Qualification and strengths

Management trainee position is entry level job which requires general qualification such as computer and internet skills, communication skills, office operation skills, problem solving skills, etc. State that you are able to work in team, set new goals and adjective. Also, some personality traits may be required. Say that you are a kind of person who is good decision marker, committed to work, punctual, creative, friendly, etc. Not all positive skills and traits should be listed. Focus only on those which are in line with working field. For example, mentioning creativity as your strength is a good idea as employers are always looking for creative workers with brilliant and unique ideas.


Fresh graduates who apply for management trainee positions usually lack experiences. What is meant by experience here is not always working experience. If you have ever joined workshop or worker as a part-timer, you can write down about it. Also, if you have ever taken courses on specific fields, it will be other plus-points that you should let the employer know. Reference: Wikipedia.

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CV Sample for Management Trainee Position

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