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Headquartered in Rhode Island, CVS Pharmacy has earned its reputation as the leader in the field of drug retailer. The company was firstly opened in 2007. Today, it hires 250,000 employers throughout the United States of America. A loyal clientele had been established upon top notch customer service and top-quality medicinal drugs. Establishment of loyal clientele became a basis value of company, so they always need motivated and talented workers to join with the company. Before explaining available positions given by the company, this article will be showing a brief history and background of company. We have started with inception the company, but there are many things that need to be told further. Let’s check some interesting facts related to CVS, which might be useful for applicants:

  1. CVS Caremark Corporation is full name of CVS;
  2. CVS Stocks are traded at New York Stock Exchange;
  3. there are more than 7,000 of CVS Stores in the United States;
  4. the CEO is Larry J. Merlo;
  5. the company don’t operated internationally;
  6. CVS is an abbreviation of Consumer Value Stores. Previously it was “Convenience, Value, and Services”;
  7. the company operates three sections of business: Caremark pharmacy services, the clinic, and the pharmacy.

What are positions available at CVS? Well, basically there are two positions:

  1. entry level positions, and
  2. management positions.

We will be showing further explanation for each position available at CVS:

1) Entry-Level Positions
Usually, CVS hires workers to fill various numbers of entry-level positions, including customer service associate, lab assistant, and cashier. The main duty of entry-level workers is to assist customers and answering their question. Entry level workers will be paid monthly or hourly, depending on whether s/he is a part-time worker or full-time worker. Minimum wage applies for those applying entry-level workers. Moreover, applicants need to have basic knowledge in their field.

2) Management positions
Those interested in applying management positions, a manager will have to support a team working under them. Candidates from entry-level positions can also apply for managerial positions. Promotion from entry-level positions to management positions gives to those who work harder and shown positive talent to grow professionally. Pay rates aligned with individual’s experience, knowledge, and skills of workers. Salaries at management level higher than entry-level positions.

3) Additional positions
At this stake, such a position as pharmacy technician required individual with license in the field of pharmacy. In essence, the company hires licensed pharmacists who held certain certification or education that able to prove their ability and skill.

CVS provides printable job application, so if you are among those people who are interested in working at CVS – and you are desperately wants to work at CVS – you must come visiting their website in order to apply for any positions offered. Go to CVS’ website and click on “careers” link. Once you clicked the link, you will be taken to a page where you can search any available position you desires. After choosing a specific position, you have to enter your ZIP code, and then you will be taken to a series of questions related to job application.

Click here to apply online at CVS careers.

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CVS Job Application Form


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