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Dairy Queen Canada is a big corporation for fast food production that has part-time and full –time job for the workers. Dairy Queen Canada regularly hire workers in teams for maintain restaurants and also customer service. There are also several different career opportunities in the corporation that you can find it online.

Positions and Salary Information

Dairy Queen Canada offers the appliers to choose between full-time or part-time jobs. There are several benefits of working in this company, start from the schedule, the training, discount of the meal, and the payment which is competitive. In order to be able to work in Dairy Queen Canada, appliers must be at least 16 years old. There are some possibilities that the appliers are under 16, but there must be some special occasion does to that. The positions that Dairy Queen Canada offers are team member and management. The team member includes several different kinds of jobs and duties. The main duties such like customers greetings, taking orders form the customers; prepare the foods and drinks, and also taking care all of the transactional process. The team members duties are also covering maintenance work for daily schedule of the place. The overall salaries for team member are about $12.00 an hour. For the management includes all managerial positions, some positions like shift manager, manager assistant, and other kinds of managerial assistant. All the duties that shift managers must do are around schedule settings, customer satisfaction guarantee, and take all managerial administrative tasks. Meanwhile, the assistant manager also have somewhat the same duties as the shift managers unless the duties to hire and train all the workers. The duties are some serial payment process, hiring, and also training the workers of Dairy Queen Canada. The average salary for shift manager is around $11.00; meanwhile the assistant manager and general manager will have the average salary for about $30,000 since they have almost the same job duties. The $30,000 payments of both managers are paid annually.


The benefits that Dairy Queen offers such payment rates in hour which is very competitive, flexible work hour scheduling, a lot of developmental training, and also additional uniforms for complementary. The employees also get a lot of discount for the meal. The financial and health plans for the employees will be under the guidance of the expert in Dairy Queen Canada. The coverage includes the medical, vision, and dental insurance, the life insurance is also one of the beneficial features for the employees.

Minimum age to work at Dairy Queen: 16

Official Site: www.dairyqueen.com/ca-en/Company/Careers/

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