Data Entry Analyst Interview Questions and Answers

When you get a call for an interview from a company that you applied, you are surely happy. Finally, the time has come. But, you also will feel stress because you wonder what kind of questions that you receive from the recruiters.

If you apply as a data entry analyst and you look for interview questions and answers, you come to the right place.

Q: What are the responsibilities of a data entry analyst?

A: Taking active participation during the data auditing, analyzing all data related information, helping to improve the business process and process optimization, sourcing data from different data sources and harvest that in the database, generating business reports using the raw data, coordinating with the clients and stakeholders an identifying new areas of improvement.

Q: What are the skills that are required for a data analyst?

A: Having strong analytical skills in big data; having technical knowledge of data modeling, data mining and related database design; having strong hands on experience in reporting tools, programming languages such as XML, relational and non relational databases such as HBase, SQL, etc and ETL frameworks; being able to robust understanding of statistical tools such as SAS, SPAS to analyze large datasets.

Q: What kind of data analyst software experience do you have?

A: (You are able to answer based on the software experience that you have but here we give an example) I have advanced data analysis software experience and those include producing databases from scratch in Access, creating PivotTables in Excel, and developing data mining algorithms in ELKI.

Q: What are the strengths of your communication skills?

A: My communication strength is the ability to relay information. I am good at speaking in a simple but effective manner so that people who are not familiar can get the overall concepts. I think communication is very important for this role particularly when presenting a findings. It also will be more important when the findings could be beneficial to other departments within the company and we have to make sure that everyone understand the overall messages.

Q: What is data cleansing?

A: Data cleansing deals with identifying and removing errors and inconsistencies from data and it is done to enhance the quality of data.

Q: Could you mention the various steps in an analytics project?

A: The steps in an analytics project are problem definition, data exploration, data preparation, modelling, validation of data and implementation and tracking.

Q: Mention some best tools that can be useful for data-analysis!

A: RapidMiner, Tableau, KNIME, OpenRefine, Solver, Google Search Operators, NodeXL, io, Google Fusion tables and Wolfram Alpha’s.

Q: Could you explain how to deal the multi-source problems?

A: To be able to deal the multi-source problems, we have to restructure of schemas to accomplish a schema integration. Then, we have to identify the same record and merge them into single record containing all relevant attributes without redundancy.

Those are some questions which are usually asked to the applicants by the interviewer. Make sure that you learn other things related to data entry analyst position so that you will be ready when you are asked by the interviewer.

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