Data Entry Skills Resume Example

Making a resume for applying a data entry position seems easy. However, it is actually tricky because you need to make sure that everything that you include in your resume can get noticed by the recruiters so that you have a chance to the next step of work acceptance.

When you make a resume of a data entry position, you have to be able to highlight your soft skills. Hard skills are important but soft skills are also not less important. Soft skills are difficult to measure and they are even harder to teach. That is why employers look for candidates who have them. If you think that you have strong written and verbal communication skills, have solid problem-solving skills, are able to work independently, you need to add these skills to your resume.

As we know that this job will require you to sit in front of computer in a lot of time. So, when you want to mention the skills, it is better of you name each and every relevant piece of software that you have experience with and are comfortable with using on the daily basis. Do not list general software suites such as “Proficient in Microsoft Office”. You need to give the specific names of the applications that you master for example, “Good at Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel and Access.” It is also a good place for you to tell the further quantification of your skill set. So, you are able to cite your WPM or word per minute to show a company that you are a solid investment and worth bringing onto their company.

For a data entry position, it is usually do not need an advanced education. So, when you make your resume, you do not need to begin things with an education section. Instead, you are able to quantify your ability by referencing your previous work experience with a “Professional Experience” section. If you have some achievements, you have to include them so that you can get point plus. You are able to use metrics that show the impact your work has had on the success of your past companies. Metrics is also known as quantifiable achievements, bring tasks to life. When you state it, it is not enough to say that you were responsible for managing the data entry and customer support functions. But, you are able to show a hiring manager that you did it well. For example, your statement on your resume can be “input more than 2,000 customer orders into the data management system of the company each month with a 98 percent accuracy rate.”

A resume is a marketing document. So, you do not have to be shy to promote yourself when you are writing yours. The purpose of a resume is to make your experience and credentials stand out from the competition. So, you need to be able to convince the recruiters that you are eligible for the offered position. Good luck for your resume!

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