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Del Taco has gained a worldwide success in 500 locations, especially in Western states and the Mid-West through its 24-hour service of Mexican-inspired fast-food. Del Taco also strives towards maintaining the customer’s trust by providing extra services through many different programs which benefit the customers such as free meals, free birthday treats, discounts, and promotions by means of social media access. Not only that Del Taco pays attention to customer’s satisfaction, it is continuously improving its look through creative approaches in the restaurants’ looks and decoration.

General Information on Job Opportunities

Del Taco will only employ workers with a minimum age of 16. All employees should be able to work quickly and maintain the best quality of work. The works include basic kitchen work, cleaning work, drive through services, and in-dining restaurant services. Employees should possess the ability of teamwork, fast-learning, and hard work.

Information on Positions and Salary

There are two basic restaurant sections in Del Taco; Team Member and Management. For team members, entry-level opportunities are widely available for all who wished to obtain working experience and possible career advancement in fast-food industry. Fundamentally, team members should be able to perform basic duties such as cleaning, operating cash registers, preparing food, preparing packaging, and serving in-dine and drive-through customers. Some employees might be given kitchen tasks which include skillful use of kitchen equipment’s such as fryers, ovens, toasters, microwaves, and freezers. The salary of teams members start from the minimum wage and increase over time with experience and periodic evaluation.

Opportunities in the managerial division requires applicants to age above 17. Applicants are required to submit high school or college academic certificate, and show profound abilities in organization and leadership. The management is further divided into three categories; shift manager, shift leader, and team leader. Both shift manager and shift leader must have a minimum of one year of experience in the field. They are to perform supervising duties over team members to ensure flawless task completion. Shift manager specialize in attempts on increasing profit and customer satisfaction. The team leader, in turn, does not have to possess any previous experience in related fields. Team leader will be responsible for management of team members, especially those of entry-level. All managerial positions are available part-time, and full time. The salary of team leaders range from $7.00 to $8.00 per hour. Shift managers and shift leaders are rewarded with an annual salary of $45,000.

Additional benefits for Del Taco employees are flexible working hours, meal discounts, and free meals. Employees also receive health insurance, life insurance, and other financial benefits such as retirement financial plans and paid off-time.

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