Dental Office Administrator Job Description

A dental facility must be backboned by a dental administrator in order to be able to handle any administrative and office matters. Importantly, their duties to perform in this job are plenty and their duties are to ensure preparation of proper dental care to the patient of the dental facility. The administrators have responsibility for ensuring the dental practice runs smoothly on a consistent basis. The arrange schedule, make appointment, coordinate dentist with the patient based on the complaints, archive patients’ tracks and conduct a marketing plan for the facility they work for. Dental office administrator has constantly direct contact with patients that mean good personality and customer service skill must be owned. They must also be able to provide necessary information to the patients especially for their appointment.


The eligibility of a candidate to fill the position as dental office administrator is a degree in dentistry. It is very important background since they will deal with terms related to dentistry and this education will make a candidate is more familiar with. They must explain dental procedures and follow up for any dental action so the familiarity is a must besides knowledge about accounting is better to possess since they will also handle bills and accounts.

Dental Office Administrator Duties and Responsibilities

  • Handle telephone communication from patients and provide information about the dental service
  • Inform walk-in customers about processes and procedures of the facility
  • Make schedule and appointment for consultation and procedures on the phone or in person
  • Inform patients about dental procedure types that they are going through
  • Giving patients education about the risk to not taking the suggested dental procedure
  • Coordinate schedule between the dentists with appointment to avoid conflict
  • Ask patient to wait in waiting areas and tell them a possible waiting time they have to deal with
  • Inquire patients to define their visiting purpose and record any information on a form
  • Help new patients in filling the forms and give them ID and treatment cards for next procedures
  • Maintain cleanliness and sanitation in reception area especially for floor, surface and furniture
  • Educate patients about knowledge of office policies and the importance to abide them
  • Contact patient to remind them about upcoming appointments
  • Rearrange schedule when there is conflict of schedule between patient and doctor or if requested by them
  • Handle and follow up claim for any insurance information as taken from the patients
  • Handle payment from patients after procedure and give them receipts

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