Diesel Mechanic Apprenticeship Cover Letter Sample

Making a cover letter is a little bit tricky. You will compete with other applicants so you need to make a cover letter that can convince the employer that you are the best candidate who can fill the position as a Diesel Mechanic Apprenticeship.

Actually, the content of the cover letter is the same. However, if you want to apply as a Diesel Mechanic Apprenticeship, you have to mention skills and experience that can help you to get the chance as the best candidate.

So, we have prepared a sample of cover letter for applying as a Diesel Mechanic Apprenticeship.

Thomas Daniel

Birmingham, AL 65478

January 5, 2017

Mr. Paul Douglas

Hiring Manager

Doneti Group

786 Howle Road

Birmingham, AL 89765

Dear Mr. Douglas,

Becoming a Diesel Apprentice Mechanic with Doneti Group will help me to get my career started off on the right path and I hope that you will consider me for this position.

I started my training to be a mechanic in high school where I took shop and automotive science. In these classes, I learned to read blueprints and also understand manuals along with learning how to do basic repairs. I have the exceptional ability to do both preventive and regular maintenance on diesel engines and parts to guarantee their longevity. In addition, I also have the skills of basic computer and I know how to operate diagnostic tests to determine what is causing a lot of problems associated with newer vehicles.

I learn quickly and welcome the opportunity to work under other experienced mechanics that I know can help teach me the things that cannot be learned in a classroom. I am a hard worker that can follow regulations without problems. I am sure that you will be contended for hiring me for this position. Please call (432) 675 7896 to set up a meeting where we are able to discuss this position in more detail.

Thank you for your consideration.


Thomas Daniel.

It is a simple cover letter example that can be your guide. You are able to add some more sentences that explain your skills and experience to convince the employer that you are the best candidate for the position of diesel mechanic apprenticeship. When you make a cover letter, you have to note some tips. First, you are able to use numbers and statistics where you can. If you apply to a mechanical industry, numerical data usually can help illustrate and emphasize your skill level and show employers that you know how to get results. Second, never use filler words or fluffy language to describe yourself. Mechanical industry is usually not interested in words like “enthusiastic”, “excited” and more to prove facts. Third, you have to know the audience. Every company has a culture which is unique. So, when you tailor your cover letter to the tone of the company you are applying to, knowing audience will help you catch the attention of the hiring manager. If you have created a cover letter, you can review it to make sure that you do not make any mistakes.

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