Diesel Mechanic Apprenticeship Resume Sample

A mechanic apprentice is usually hired by an automotive and a production unit to do mechanical work. A daily routine of a mechanic apprentice is cleaning the machinery, tools and equipment; work area, oiling and greasing. If you think that you are able to do these jobs, then you are suitable for being a diesel mechanic apprentice. To work as a diesel mechanic apprentice, you surely have to find the job vacancy. While you are looking for the job, you are able to try to make a resume.

Making a resume is more challenging than installing a diesel engine. It is because you have to be able to craft your good skills and experience so that the recruiters can be attracted to your resume.

So, how to make a resume of diesel mechanic apprenticeship?

1. Heading. It is the first section of your resume. In this section, you need to include your name, home address and also your contact including phone number and also email address.

2. Professional Summary. In this section, you have to include who you are briefly.

3. Core Qualifications. In the Core Qualifications section, you have to include your skills and it is better for you to mention your skills by making it as list. Make sure that you include the skills that are needed as a Diesel Mechanic Apprenticeship. Here are some examples of core qualifications of a Diesel Mechanic Apprenticeship.

  • Competent with Diesel Diagnostic Software Eaton Transmission, International Truck & Engine, and Pocketfleet Diagnostic.
  • Ability to replace and repair damaged and malfunctioning parts thorough post inspection.
  • Deep knowledge into using hydraulic machinery to lift large equipment such as vehicles to make their engines accessible.

4. Experience. In this section, you need to include all work experience that are related to Diesel Mechanic Apprentice. Here is an example.

City Sight Seeing San Francisco             7/8/2005 – 6/7/2010

San Francisco

  • Complete routine maintenance to prevent future breakdown.
  • Diagnose and repair all problems as needed, alternators, batteries, starters, air dryers, air valves, air bags, brakes, shocks, wheel seals, slack adjusters, PA radios, and air chambers.
  • Review work orders and also discuss them with supervisors.

5. Education. In this section, you will need to include your background education which consist of your degree, university and year of graduation.

When you make a resume to apply a job as a diesel mechanical apprenticeship, you have to include volunteer experience or shop class experience. Then, you also have to use simple and easy resume. Use simple fonts because if you use fancy fonts, it will be difficult to read by the recruiters. Keep your descriptions in your resume precise and concise. So, the recruiter knows that you are a direct person.Organize your information on your resume logically so the recruiter will easily understand it. The last, do not forget to review your resume to make sure that you do not make any mistakes. If it is necessary, you are also able to proofread your resume to the one you believe.

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