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This fast-service restaurant group expands the business and offers job opportunities for those, entry-level and professional job seekers. Jobs are available for part-time and full-timer position. As the growth of the company and many locations are owned under franchise, the career opportunities are widely open. Apply online app form now to start hiring process.

Dixie Lee Jobs Title and Salary Information

The age requirement to consider to be employed at fried chicken fast food restaurant is 14 years old at minimum. Some locations consider 12 years as the minimum age with special permit from local government. Both, casual and career-oriented job are opened for position filled with these following details:

Cashier – cashier will have full interaction with customers including handling orders, serving dishes and sometimes clean dining stations. Cordially and communicative interaction with customers should be well performed. Beginner cashier earns minimum salary whereas experienced cashier can make $11 – $12 hourly.

Kitchen Staffs – food cooking and preparation are the main jobs. Familiar in utilizing ovens, grills, fryers and drink dispensers is a must. Other tasks involve help cashier duties, cleaning working area as preparing stuffs for following day. Average pay rates around $12.00 an hour.

Managerial Position – take responsibilities to ensure all crews stay on the duties as well has role as mentor and leader, besides handling worker recruitments. Base salary rate is $35,000 a year and increase up to $40,000 – $50,000.

Employee Benefits at Dixie Lee

This company offers some employee benefits for part-time and full-time workers upon hire. Not limited to worthy salary, others benefits are available such as complimentary uniforms, paid coaching, and schedule flexibility. Eligible staffs deserve for paid vacation.

Besides the general benefits upon hiring time, some prosperity allowance also offered. For financial allowance provides staff saving account, incentive bonuses and retirement plan. Health allowance involve vision, medical, dental and prescription drug.

More about Dixie Lee

Started in 1964, this fast-service restaurant group today operates 70 store locations throughout Canada. Outside Canada, this fast-service restaurant chain can be found in the US and one in UAE. The competitions are tight with similar chicken fast food service but it is still popular with its fried chicken, chicken nuggets, fries, chips, French cuisine, poutine and kid’s menus. The business expansion will range outside Canada like Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica. Under the two owners which are Dixie Lee Maritimes Ltd. and Dixie Lee Food Systems Ltd. The franchises can generate $55 million as annual revenue. The headquarters are located in Napanee, ON, Canada.

Minimum age to work at Dixie Lee Fried Chicken: 14

Official Site: www.dixieleechicken.com/site/content.php?id=2

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