Dollar General Job Application Form

Dollar General was firstly founded in 1955, and the store started as a store that is capable of selling items at a price not more than one dollar. Some of you might have realized that the idea proved successful. In 1957, the store successfully operated 29 stores, and then started to make first public appearance in 1968. Cal Turner. Jr continuously operates the company until he retired in 2002. At that time, Dollar General operated more than 6,000 stores, and the company was also reported amount of sales which reaches $6 billion in a year. In 2007, a group of investors acquired the company and then established a private company. Today, public recognizes Dollar General as a company that successfully operates more than 10,000 stores available throughout 40 states in the U.S. The company provides an array of merchandises at a very cheap price. They were including house wares, cleaning supplies, beauty and health items, apparel, snacks, and food. All the items available in Dollar General comes from dozens of private brands, including General Mills, PepsiCo, Hanes, Nabisco, and Kellogg’s. However, we do know that Dollar General is still far from the status of stable company. We had better call it as a growing company. As the one who is still growing, Dollar General usually requires talented new employees. For that reason, there will be plenty of opportunities for those who are looking for stable career at the company.

In general, the company opened opportunity for those who want to apply for job either on professional associates or entry-level positions. Dollar General had to fill full-time jobs and part-time vacancies. For that reason, the company will hire workers who are ready to take responsibility over plenty of retail locations available in the U.S. So the question arises: what are positions available at Dollar General? Here are some positions to be fulfilled by those who are looking for the future at the company.

  • Cashier. This position comes with a few tasks, such as answering questions, handling money, operating registers, and finishing other kinds of duty.
  • Sales associates. This position requires a worker to assist customers with stock shelves and product selections. Its job duties include checking expiration dates (of items), organizing displays, answering questions, and completing a few other tasks.
  • Stocker. This position requires workers to take responsibility over a task, that is, keep the stores organized and fully stocked.
  • Management. Basically, this position connected to the work of supervisors, who has responsibility in a variety of management vacancies, such as shift leader, assistant manager, and store manager. The tasks that should be handled by a supervisor are including training employees, hiring new associates, scheduling workers, and overseeing daily operations at a store.

Paying attention to these facts, we can see plenty of opportunities available at each Dollar General stores. However, some of you might ask: how to apply any position available at Dollar General? There are two ways you can choose. The first one is by visiting ‘careers’ page available in Dollar General’s website. There you can download an application form online, complete it, and then submit it to any store available near your residence. The second options are locating and then start applying a job online. This option still requires you visit the website as well.

Click here to apply online at Dollar General.

Print Out Dollar General Job Application Form in PDF

Print Out Dollar General Job Application Form in PDF


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