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Dollar Tree is one of international retailer in Canada that open great opportunity for all people who are looking for best career. You who are interested to have great career with Dollar Tree must know some positions that offered to you. There are some positions that offered to you and this international retailer will give you great salary too especially for you who have high motivation, strong skill and loyalty to this company. Before you apply one of positions offered to you, you better check some positions available.

Requirements for All Applicants

All applicants who want to apply positions at Dollar Tree must have three important things below:

First you must have great attitude. All workers must have good responsibility, courtesy and also integrity to work together and reach success in fast time. All workers must want to work with process and enjoy the process to get better result too.

Second, all applicants should know about judgment or all people must have judgment skill. This skill will make you easy to do the right thing for right reason and purpose. If you are decision maker, you must be wise in doing and deciding right thing in the right time too.

Third, all applicants who want to apply job must have strong commitment. Commitment is very important because when you have strong commitment then you will be able to respect and also honor yourself, your work and also honor your company too.

After you read general requirements that you must have above, now, you must check career opportunities that you can get.

Career’s Opportunities at Dollar Tree

There are some positions that offered to you and you are free to apply one that is suitable with your education background and your skill.

– Store Career.  There are two positions that offered to you as hourly worker and also store management

– Corporate Career. You who are talented in finance, merchandise, real estate can apply for this career.

– Logistic Career. This career requires people who have experienced in distribution, import, domestic transportation and some other things. You can apply as store support center such as logistic analyst or you can apply as distribution center at Dollar Tree.

How to Apply Positions:

You who like to apply career at Dollar Tree, can access the website of Dollar Tree to get the application form. You can complete the application form and then send the application via email.  All applicants that fulfill the requirements will be contacted soon and will be interviewed. You can ask more about your jobs desk and salary when you are interviewed.

Minimum age to work at Dollar Tree: 16

Official Site:

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