Dollar Tree Distribution Application

For those who are looking for the job vacancies related to the Dollar Tree distribution, there are two kinds of job vacancies for you, as displayed on the official website of Dollar Tree. They are the distribution center department manager, and the distribution center management training program.

In order to apply to one of the job vacancies offered by Dollar Tree above, you have to fill out the Dollar Tree distribution application. The Dollar Tree distribution application is not different compared to the other applications for Dollar Tree. Just like the others, the Dollar Tree distribution application consists of two page application form.

The Dollar Tree distribution application starts with personal contact details. You will be asked to enter last, first, and then middle names, addresses, home phone numbers and business phones, the date, Social Security numbers, and position(s) of interest. By putting the check mark on Yes or No, you specify whether able to work legally in the United States. Aside from that, you will also be asked whether you stand over 18 years of age and if you are ever honorably discharged from the military.

The next part is related to the educational background. Some of the information include highest education levels completed, whether graduated, and school location. For the college graduates, you have to list degrees obtained. Under that category, you have to write down special interests and hobbies. This one will add to the general picture hiring managers prefer to gather prior to conducting interviews.

In the employment data, you will be asked to enter emergency contacts by filling in the names, relationships with, phone numbers, occupations, and addresses of selected individuals. Then, you have to fill in the information for three former job positions, starting with the most recent one. The company name, address, telephone number, name of supervisor, start and end dates, rate of pay, reason for leaving, and job titles and duties should be added. You might provide full-time and part-time positions. However, every of them has to contain accurate and complete details. Please leave the shaded area as this one remains for hiring managers only.

The last part of the Dollar Tree distribution application form provides a breakdown of legality of the position and submission form. This company will remain an equal opportunity employer, that hires through an at-will policy. In addition, by signing and dating you recognize recruiters may contact former employers to inquire about character and work habits. For those from California and Minnesota, you have to complete an additional section. In the end of the part, there is the signature line and blank for the date appears at the very bottom of the form.

Do not forget to complete the Dollar Tree distribution application forms with great accuracy. Everything in it should stand relevant and factual. It is better for you to gather information ahead of time to quicken the process. For further information about the Dollar Tree distribution application, please visit the official website of Dollar Tree.

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