Dollar Tree Distribution Cowpens SC Jobs

For those who are looking for Dollar Tree distribution Cowpens SC jobs, according to the official websites of Linked In, there are four job vacancies for you. The first one is distribution center department manager.

The busy distribution center of Dollar Tree, which is located outside of Spartanburg, South Carolina, Cherokee County, is currently seeking to add the department manager to the operations leadership team of the building to help drive productivity and develop future Dollar Tree leaders. This one oversees a lot of aspects of the area or department within the distribution production floor across the shift in the automated full service, high volume, full case retail distribution center.

The second one is the distribution center operations manager. The key responsibilities in this job include but are not limited to coordinating and managing the filling of store orders; monitoring, assessing, managing, and making recommendations to key productivity indicators; coordinating and managing the flow of all order selection functions from primary pick locations to the final close of outbound loaded trailers; assisting in the coordination and managing of the replenishment cycles of the operation in order to make sure that the timely restocking of primary pick locations; establishing and monitoring the daily selecting and loading schedule and make sure the schedules are adhered to and resources are utilized properly to control costs in order to meet the market and demands; ensuring accuracy, housekeeping, merchandise damage minimization, and safety through monitoring and enforcement of company requirements; managing the development, implementation, and administration of the operational policies, programs, and systems within the functional areas across all shifts; partnering with the HR team on hiring, orienting, training, mentoring, evaluating, recommending pay increases, and developing associates as well as carrying out the good actions; sharing and providing the right information to and anticipating information needs of all distribution center associates, and many more.

The hird one is DC11 manager, DC operations (2nd/3rd/4th shift). For your information, this job is responsible for managing and overseeing up to 20 associates and all related departmental functions for a lot of departments of the distribution center; making sure that merchandise is scheduled, sent, unloaded, and checked for receiving, replenished, selected and labeled for order selection, scanned loaded and shipped for shipping, and moved and slotted for equipment; completing all the responsibilities in accordance with the company policies and procedures, and, many more.

The last one is all warehouse shifts. The qualifications or basic jobs requirements are high school diploma or equivalent required, ability to lift 70lbs, ability to adapt to job duty and department changes as required, previous warehouse experience preferred. As for the essential job functions, some of them are load and unload merchandise,; check, verify and audit merchandise and enter data into remote data terminals to make sure that ordered merchandise is as ordered and not damaged; identify, separate, label and palletize merchandise to be relocated to the right area of distribution center; operate power lift equipment to move and store merchandise; and many more.

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