Donation Request Letter for Hospital

Looking for donations can be a difficult thing. It seems like nobody would not be easy on giving away their money. Therefore, it needs a clear donation request letter for any donation you might need.

If you are now looking for donation for hospital, you might get a big luck. There are more possibilities for you to get the donation. However, at the same time you have o realize that you are absolutely not the only who are looking for hospital donation. Therefore you cannot just walk out to get the donation. You have to do it properly. The best way to approach a donor is by sending them an official donation request letter for hospital with the hospital’s stamps and head letter. Furthermore, you have to consider the content of the request letter. It should clearly mention why you aim for a donation. This following request letter can be a good example.

The Example of Donation Request Letter for Hospital

March 23, 2015

Mr. Charles Grey
Funds Manager
Health Donor Organization
2323 Big Apple Road
Big Town 65432

Dear Mr. Grey,

As you have already known, Heart Care International Hospital is built to be a special hospital to take care heart diseases in Big Town. For it has international standard, the amount of the patients have recently increased for these five years. The patients are not only from Big Town, but also from the whole states. This put HCI Hospital in a situation which need to provide accommodation for the patients’ family.

For patients’ family accommodation is growing, we are now planning on add a guest house near the hospital. There are more than 500 patient from out of town who would stay in the hospital for 2 up to 7 days in average. The patients’ family now mostly stay in hotels which are not too close to the hospital which leads them to spend too many hours in hospital and create crowded environment.

We are planning to build a guest house in the HCI Hospital are as the best solution for this situation. It would accommodate the patients’ family and at the same time maintain the hospital condition. To realize the hospital gues house project we would need $100,000.

Health Donor Organization has been a donor for HCI Hospital for these two decades and we believe that we can cooperate well in this project. We can be reached at (999) 123-756-8765 for further details about the gues house project and its budget estimation. Thank you.


Jessica Steel
HCI Hospital Administrator

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