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Company Overview

logo-dotsIt seems challenging and fun to work in clothing industry jobs especially if working at one of the largest fashion retailers in the nation such as Dots Application Online – Printable Job Employment Form. The retailers sell women fashion including accessories and clothing. Dots was found by Bob Glick and now the retailer is great developing. Nowadays Dots has already had more than 400 stores located in 28 states. If you are 16 years old or above and are seeking for a job, you can apply jobs in Dots. The headquarter is located in Ohio, Every stores sell various models of women’ clothing in a wide range of style such as skirts, shorts, pants, jackets, fashion accessories, and the like. Although Dots offers women’s clothing, men also can shop here buying things for their lover. To apply for jobs here, the Dots job application form can be downloaded on this post and filled online.

Positions Information

Dots Job Application Online regularly opens position for sales associates, stock room associates, and management. Sales associates are those who always deal with customers. They help the customers in sales, greet them, and manage cash registers. If you think you have a good communication skill, familiar with marketing world, enjoy working hard, this position may be ideal for you. The second available position is Stock Room Associate. Like sales associate, it also belongs to entry-level job. The general duty of stock room associates is to organize shelves and arrange displays. That is why a stock room person should be able to lift and move heavy object. Or, you may address your application to retail management jobs. There are some positions available here such as assistant store managers, key holders, and store managers. Key holders are responsible for administrating closing procedures and managing entry-level associates. Meanwhile store managers work in administrative job tasks such supervising store locations and operations, delegating work, setting schedules, and the like. In performing the job, the managers are helped by their assistant store managers. In addition to these three positions, there are also many other positions that can be applied using the application form such as merchandise distributor staff, IT, human resources, accounting, legal, marketing, and distribution. Unlike stock room and sales associates where everybody above 16 years can apply, the rest positions require the application to hold bachelor degree in specific field.

Dots Employee Benefits

Working at Dots, employees will get some benefits such as health benefits and 401(k) retirement plans. Standard health coverage includes medical, vision, and dental coverage. Several types of insurances are also given for all employees. Meanwhile associates benefits from pension plans and 401(k) plans. So, you can live peacefully as a retiree someday. Another interesting benefit is paid time off. It means you can propose time off but during the time you will still get your monthly salary. Paid time off include sick leave, jury duty pay, mourning leave, and paid vacation. Also, associates have a chance to get the company products and services in special discounts. While applying online, you can seek more information about the employee benefits and Dots Job Application Form. Reference: Wikipedia.

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Dots Job Application Form Online

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