Education Resume Sample

A teacher, a school officer worker or an administrator must be able to write a good education resume. As an educator, this skill is absolutely needed. Not just for education, it also needed for administrative works. This capability will lead you to the dream job for sure. Unfortunately, the most job seekers using the wrong resume style. Even worse, there are 95% education job seekers make this mistake. If you make this right, the chance to get the dream job will be much better. In fact, this chance will grow to 95%.

When writing a resume, there is one thing to do. Make sure to focus on the skills that qualify you. In this case, your skills must be related to the professional that you want to apply. Write your education, training and education in this field. If you apply as a teacher, you need to have the good teaching skill. Good in educating people and passionate with it. Therefore, you have to write your skills and experience as specific as possible. It also helps the hiring manager to see the position that you really want to apply.

Down below, you can see the structure of the resume style.

Gil Southard
789 Main Street
Peachtree, GA 999
Home: (323) 323-3233
Cell: (323) 321-5432

Professional Summary

Write your experience here. If you ever be a teacher and want to apply the same position, make sure to write it completely. If you want the higher position, make sure to write your qualification that relate to the position as well. Your skill also need to be written here. At least, just impress the hiring manager with your skills, your experience and your passion. But of course, your passion must have correlation with this position.

Career Experience and Accomplishments

In this section, write the detail experience and your achievements while you become a teacher. If you ever coached basketball team, you may need to write it here. But of course, it must be related to the professional that you apply.

Education and Development

This is the location to write your education. It will be better to write it from the basic education to the latest education.


If you ever got any award, you also need to write it. It will help you to improve your qualification. In the other words, it improves the chance to get the position. For example, just write “Teacher of the Year (2004)” if you ever obtained this award.

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