Electro-mechanical Maintenance Technician Job Description

Electro mechanical is a combination of both electrical and mechanical. An electro mechanical technician must have the special skill on those aspects. Maintenance electro mechanical systems and repairing the systems are the main job description of them. Beside it, an electro mechanical technician responsible to operate and test equipment as well. For example, equipment on submarines and aircrafts.

The working area of an electro mechanical technician is specific. But when it talks about the popular area for this profession, the answer must be oil rigs and deep ocean explorations. Beside it, they can work on the robotics industry as well.

To work as an electro mechanical technician, there is no urgency to get more than a high school diploma. Only with high school diploma, you are eligible to work in this sector. But of course, electronics or mechanical engineering will always be useful for this profession. Electro mechanical is a high energy job. This is why employers will consider to people who are ready to work overtime as well as self-direct capacity. As an electro mechanical technician, you must be able to stay organized to handle the difficult maintenance and solve the issues.

An electro mechanical technician will work on the hazardous environment. For this, they must be able to work safely as well. People with the specific experience such as working in manufacturing environments will get the better chance to get this position. But for some reasons, fresh graduate are welcome. Here is the duties of an electro mechanical technician. Before applying for this job, be sure to understand it.

Job Description of an Electro Mechanical Technician

  • Installing and maintaining the various electro mechanical equipment as well as repairing it.
  • Modify the process of equipment and adjust it.
  • Calibrate the equipment to perform better.
  • Make the regular maintenance on the electro mechanical equipment.
  • Follow precedential steps to solve the problems.
  • Install hardware and the electric parts with the right equipment.
  • Using hand and power tools, an electro mechanical technician must be able to fit assemblies.
  • Inspect startup to determine the problems.
  • Verify the dimensions of the part and provide the specification.
  • Repair assemblies and calibrate the pneumatic.
  • Diagnose the issues as well as employing tactics for effective problem solving. An electro mechanical technician must be able to do it with the complex control systems.
  • Maintain their knowledge with the regular learning, specifically with inspection manuals, blueprints and schematics.
  • Create reports by filling out the progress forms for each task.

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