Elementary Teacher Letter of Intent

When you apply a job, one of the most important part is the letter of intent. It is important because in the letter, you will have to state your purposes and you also need to make sure the reader that you are eligible for the job position. If we want to apply as an elementary teacher, how to write the letter of intent?

If you want to apply as an elementary teacher, you have to include several parts in your letter. They are:

  •    Contact Information. You have to write your contact information such as your name and address at the top of the letters of intent.
  •  Address of the Recipient. In this part, you have to include the name and address of the individuals to whom you are sending the letter.
  • Date. Below the address of recipient, you have to write the date and serve as a stamp of sorts indicating the date you sent the letter.
  • Salutation. In this part, the letter starts like all letters. You have to use the formal salutation in nature.
  • Topic Line. Then, below the salutation, you have to include the topic line beginning with “topic” and followed by the terms “letter of intent”.
  • Letter Body. In this part, you have to outline your intention clearly and also include any requests you may have regarding your class assignment during the following year.
  • Closure. Now, you should close the letter with a business-appropriate “Sincerely” or a similar ending. Then, it should be followed by your signature and your name.

After you know the format, now you have to know about some tips of creating an elementary teacher letter of intent.

  • First, you have to make sure that your letter is short and sweet. Make sure that this letter can capture the attention of a hiring director. You have to craft 3 to 4 impactful sentences that can convince them that you are a candidate which is stand-out and worth calling in for an interview.
  • Second, you have to find the overlap between the skills that you bring to the table with the skills that they are looking for and then present them with confidence. If in the job description stated that they are looking for certain qualities or uses specific language, you are able to repeat them in your cover letter.
  • Third, give some background. You can spend at least a sentence or two to explain your educational history and what degrees and certifications you presently hold. These certifications or additional training for schools that you have got will make you a more valuable candidate.
  •  Fourth, you have to support your statements with facts. If you claims something, make sure that you support the claims with the examples. A verifiable fact must support all of your general statements.  

Those are some tips that you are able to follow when you create an elementary teacher letter of intent. Make sure that you also make it based on the right structure as explained above. 

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