Engineering Resume Template

Are you a skilful engineer that is in the running for a job that fit to your skill? An appropriate resume that is effective will assist you in the position. Offered you point that skills and experiences you have are just what the hiring manager is searching for in the candidates to be hired.

ALERT: wrong choice of using resume style can END the job search as engineer no matter how skilful and experienced you are.

From these resume formats below, which one you will choose in order the employer will notice your application?

A. Chronological style

B. Functional style

C. Active style

SUGGESTION: Don’t make your chance of being called for interview or get hired RUN by doing classic mistake as what almost 100% job applicants have done, by choosing the wrong format of resume.

Show your communication ability from what you have owned in your recent or beforehand job beside also how all those you own will apply to the new job. Bear in mind that most of employer are basically noticed to how the staffs can contribute to the company growth despite of the recent status by setting revenue and saving expenses. Display what you are going to do to deal with the goal.

M. Paulson
Almond Place 900
Cozytown, Alaska 999xx
Home: (33x) 333-33xx
Cell: (33x) 123-xxxx


A civil engineer with eight years of experience and commitment in all skill of engineering phases as the acquired educational background. Have dedication to complete projects that assigned straight to schedule and under stated budget. An advocate for green movement of construction and have environmental conscious that implemented in building practices that adhere to planning of city.


Hillsborough Residential Homes as Senior Engineer from 2005 to 2013

  • Designed and managed all land development aspects for the home sites
  • Oversaw and monitored all functions related to the technical, administrative, and financial matter as necessary
  • Gave training and directed new staff of engineering for various home sites areas
  • Reported written daily progress and caught up with executive management per week to evaluate or make known new methods


Any City University, Any City, United States of America with B.S. title, graduated 2003

America University, Big City, United States of America, with M.A. title graduated 2005


Engineers of USA: Exceptional Civil Engineer of the Year in 2009

Hillsborough Residential Homes: Staff of the Year in 2010

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