Entry Level Job Cover Letter Template

An entry level job cover letter is the perfect cover letter for anyone who applying to the work force for the very first time or for those who have been out of market for some time. An entry level position is a good place to start. A hiring manager always welcome people who willing to apply their basic skill. Depend on what kind of position that it was offered, people should think about what is the main qualification that the hiring manager is looking for and make this qualification as the main focus in the cover letter.

There are several basic rules for entry level candidates must pay attention when they write their cover letter:

  • Make it short with basic information that include the type of job that you want, the reason why you are the best candidate for the job and how do you want to do the job
  • Use common language
  • Don’t go overselling or underselling your own capability. Stated everything that has anything to do with the job you apply but remember to keep it short and clear

Here is an example of entry level job cover letter that you can personalize based on your situation and condition:

Jane Doe
111 Mount Street
Any Town, USA
Cell Phone: (123) 123-1234

September 10, 2014

Mr. Edward
Hiring Manager
DDD Company
44 Boyd Avenue
Little City, USA

Dear Mr. Edward

I would like to express my interest in an entry level analyst position that your company offer. I Was impressed to see that your company has doing a great job during the last couple of years including the fantastic merger with ABC company, a smart tactic that shows the company commitment to stay in the top ladder of financial company.

I am interested to apply for the position of an analyst, a position that I am well acquitted with. I have good capability in analytical world and also great communication skill. My responsibilities as internship analyst during my college period combined with my passion in financial world had prepared me for a similar career in the company.

Please refer to the enclosed resume to consider my application for the analyst position. I would appreciate the opportunity to come to your office to meet with you and to discuss further more about this position. If you wish to speak with me to arrange things, you can contact me through my cell phone at (123) 1234.

Thank you for your time and consideration


Jane Doe

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