Entry Level Resume Sample

As a fresh graduate from high school, college or university, the competition of being job seeker can be hard. Entering the profession that suitable to the field you major in should be stand out. In this matter, you are going to need an exceptional resume that states your willingness to get involved in professional world and ready to reliable workforce and make use any training and degree you have just acquired.

ALERT: wrong choice of using resume style can END the job search as entry level job seeker.

PROBLEM: from these following resume styles, which one will be chosen for the most possibility of an applicant to get hired by the employers regarding the status of being fresh graduate?

a. Chronological style

b. Functional style

c. Active style

As a hint, almost all job seekers, especially inexperienced applicants use wrong choice in resume style. To bottom lined, the style of resume plays important role in order to make bigger chance to get hired and at the same time can eliminate other candidates that maybe are more experienced.

In the field where your previous experience is listed, ensure to mention the jobs that relevant in some ways to the currently work you pursue. It is important to make the hiring manager would like to notice your application and consider that you are qualified for fill the position.

Daniel V.
907 Lester Avn
Bensonville, California 999xx
Home: (33x) 333-33xx
Cell: (33x) 123-xxxx


Recently graduate from university with marketing and finance major. Enthusiast to work for a company that has position for an entry-level job seeker that fields in marketing, accounting or public relations divisions. hard worker that willing to practice, learn and give contribution toward the bottom line, setting up good will, saving expenses and campaigning products and services of the company.


Office of Accounting, Winslow from 2012 to 2013 whilst attending college.

  • Acquired new customers and handle their service applications
  • Helped head accountant with computer job dealt with filling the tax
  • Provided data input into computers
  • Explained new clients about services of the company and answered the asked questions
  • Cooperated with office accountants realted to returns of tax and service marketing


University of Any City, United States of America (Graduated in 2013)


Accounting Office of Winslow: Award of New Staff of the Year in 2012

Scholarship of Hilton for Promising Students in 2011

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