Facility Maintenance Worker Cover Letter Sample

The facility maintenance worker is responsible for the upkeep of the building. All the places where they work vary greatly, from the hospitals to the corporations and commercial centers. Those employed will make sure that all the facilities are organized and functional by completing the duties such as performing cleaning activities and minor fixes, checking electrical wiring, installing and maintaining equipment, making sure safety systems are in the good working condition, replacing the light bulb, cleaning leaves and shoveling snow, and observing the dangerous situations.

In the job world, having the strong resume is important. However, it is critical to also spend time making the well-made cover letter. A thing called cover letter can be described as the place to demonstrate the knowledge of the position being applied for by describing anecdotes and experiences from the career. Aside from that, this one is also the place to introduce yourself to the potential employer, and the tone has to be professional yet friendly.

A good cover letter for the facility maintenance worker should be three or four brief paragraphs. All the paragraphs can introduce yourself to the hiring manager and describe the reason why you are the best candidate for this facility maintenance worker position. For the first paragraph, it should include the brief summary of your skills and how those talents make you the perfect fit for the job and the company you are applying to.

Some of the job skills and qualifications for the facility maintenance worker are knowledge of systems in a building, such as plumbing and HVAC; practical skills and problem-solving orientation; being able to read technical instructions; teamwork and interpersonal skills; effective communication; stamina and physical fitness; dexterity and attention to safety; and integrity. The body of the cover letter has to be one or two paragraphs that consist the introduction to your personality and experiences. For the inspiration on the topics to discuss, you are better to look at the requirements for the position and describing the similar situations from your own life. As for the conclusion, this one should relate to your desire for the position and it should always thank the recipient of the letter for their time and invite them to contact you for the further discussion.

One of the most recommended things to do for making the good cover letter for the facility maintenance worker is to bring the personality to the letter with powerful action verbs or with the words such as developed, programmed, operated, trained, determined, diagnosed, inspected, maintained, and monitored.

For your reference, here is the sample of the facility maintenance worker cover letter for you:

Dear Mr. Han

According to Sundays News, you are looking for a candidate who has a great team mentality and is self-motivated to fill your facility maintenance worker position. I am aware that being part of a team needs these attributes as well as flexibility and strong communication skills. I hope that background and track record of teamwork fit for the position. I am passionate and have an eager to build strong professional relationships with my coworkers. I am ready to be a facility maintenance worker and am capable of working a variety of hours. Thank you for the time and consideration. I would like to meet you and discuss how my professional experience, positive team-member attitude, and passion for teamwork would be an asset to your business.

Sam Hwang

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