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Online Job Application for Fatburger Jobs

Fatburger Canada is currently looking for new employees with minimum age of 16 years and those aged less than 16 years who have special permission. Job seekers must fill out an official form available at http://fatburgercanada.com/contact-us or bring the form to the Fatburger nearest location. The form that will be submitted should include some general information regarding the name, address, contact number, desired job position, and some other information.

Job position

Fatburger Canada gives you the opportunity to fill the position as cashier, crew members, and managers. As a cashier, it has basic responsibilities such as receiving a drive-thru orders, handling payment processes in cash, credit cards, gift cards and coupons. Fatburger uses a fairly simple system and easy to understand for new workers. Crew Members have the same task with cashier. Greeting customers, taking orders, serving food are common task that must be done. In addition, the crew member has a dominant task in the kitchen as operate the grills, fryers, and dishwasher. Crew members must also maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen, toilet, and dining room. To fill the position as manager, the owner will direct interview and recruit qualified applicants. A manager must have the ability and skills to lead, communicate with customers and companies that cooperate with Fatburger. The responsilbities that mus doing by a manager are set the work schedule of employees, takes care of employees’ salaries, discusses the development of employee performance, and execute a business plan between owners and franchise.

Additional information

The company was founded in 1952 in Los Angeles. Fatburger Canada offers a wide range of burgers and sandwiches to their partners in the United States. It also provides an opportunity for customers to create their own burger and chose some chicken sandwich, turkey burger, and some side dishes. Fatburger also provides a menu for kids, gluten-free, and provides a milkshake, beer, frozen margaritas and cocktails. Customers can add up to three buns for their burgers. Fatburger give customers the opportunity to use their imagination and create their own burger. It provides a menu feature like Cheeseburger Hawaii, and California Burger. The types of sandwiches available are grill sandwiches, chicken, and two kinds of fried veggie burger. Here are also available some side dishes French fries, gravy, chili cheese fries, salads, and nacho fries.

Qualified employee at Fatburger will get some advantages like a savings account, health insurance, and retirement salary. Other advantages that can be obtained are a free holiday, meal discounts, and have a chance to get saving accounts at OTC Markets Group. They also will get health insurance, 401 (k) for qualified workers.

Minimum age to work at Fatburger Canada: 16

Official Site: http://fatburgercanada.com/contact-us

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