Flight Attendant Resume No Experience

For an inexperienced job seeker sometimes writing resume bring uncertainty because there is no or little things to write that can impress the hiring manager or the employers. For entry level flight attendant, no experience can be a big hamper to get involved in airline industry although it may be unnecessary if the job seeker know what are looked for by the employer. When skimming the resume, most of managers or employers typically look for confidence, thus, it is what should be provided and shown in the resume. The essential thing is how to look as confident as possible although there is no experience that can be the additional value. Since showing the experience will be impossible, then show about the enthusiasm of business in airline industries, the fitness of physic, knowledge about company and willingness to perform outstanding customer services. Those will represent that the applicant is a potential and promising candidates to be offered for interview calling. Having pertinent experience that relate to the job that is going to apply will be great to also provide because it brings further step of recruiting process. Writing first class resume is the point to be noticed by the employer.

L. Carter

354 Fannie St ● Grafton, West Virginia 819xx● (99x) 999-99xx, l.carter@email.com


Highly-influenced personality searching for a position as Stewardess in Delta Airlines. Has extensive knowledge about industry of aviation. Highly enjoy communicating with various background of people and own full energy to work for long duration. People from varying backgrounds and possess high energy targeted at working long hours.


      • Habitué with briefings in preflight with specific interest in emergency utility understanding and using
      • Performed passengers’ need knowledge during flight and beforehand
      • Extensively know and how to handle inflight serving in food and beverage serving
      • Have ability to face dangerous condition with passengers that potentially damage the flight harmony CORE COMPETENCIES

– CPR and First aid

– Urgency response

– Cabin handling

– Pre-flight evaluation

– Safety habits

– On-board trading

– Physical fitness

– Adverse situation management

– Customer service

High School Diploma from High School of Grafton, West Virginia in July 2014


Agent of Ground Operations
Grafton Airport, Grafton, West Virginia from 6/2013 to 9/2013

  • Helped passengers in luggage locating on conveyor belts
  • Crosschecked baggage tags with ticket to ensure the owner gets his or her luggage
  • Informed terminals and airport amenities to passengers
  • Helped personnel of counter to weigh and load luggage onto conveyor belt
  • Assist passenger to tag hand luggage
  • Worked with custodial staff in the airport to ensure passenger areas are cleaned and maintained

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