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Online Job Application for Food Basics Jobs

Food Basics is offering job opportunities mainly for entry-level and part-time applicants. If you are trying to get working experience, you can apply one of the positions in this store via online. Food Basics is also opening for a small number corporate careers and managerial positions. Different positions require different skills. One of the most sought after skill is customer service skill.

Food Basics career and salary

Food basics are open for job seekers as young as 14 years old. They are usually to fill part time positions or entry-level positions. Some of the positions available are cashier, clerk, managerial position, and pharmacy.

The duties of cashiers involve completing transactions, handling money, operating POS system, and, of course, greeting customers. This position is open for entry-level employee. For a start, newly hired cashiers get minimum wage. After some period, it will increase to $11 to $12 per hour.

Clerk is open for part-time job seekers. The responsibilities of a clerk are stocking, customer service, and general maintenance. Most part-time clerks work 15 to 20 hours a week at Food Basics stores. This position involves manual labor. The starting salary is $10 per hour.

Job benefits package from Food Basics

The benefits package will be given to qualified employees. It consists of 401(k) plan, medical, dental, and life insurance options. Food Basics also provides training and ongoing education for competent employee. It encourages them to get promotion by showing the best performance. the employees will also get discounts and recognition program.

More information on Food Basics

There are about 115 Food basics stores all around Canada. Some stores have in-house pharmacy so that they are called Food and Drug Basics. This store applies some eco-friendly principles in managing the Food Basics locations. It provides the customers with fresh and high quality food in low price. It adopts the membership-only chain stores like some wholesale in U.S.


In 1995, the first Food Basics store was opened. It was previously controlled by A&P Canada but in 2005, Metro Inc. purchased it from A&P.

Products and services

Food Basics runs offers discounts and high-volume products. Some of the products that can be found in this store are seafood, deli, dairy products, bakery, groceries, meat, and alcohol. The stores are mostly located in urban areas and highly populated areas.


Food Basics is managed by Metro Inc. This company makes annual revenue up to $11 billion.

Minimum age to work at Food Basics: 14

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