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About Foot Locker

Are you looking for information about how to apply in Foot Locker? Foot Locker is a retailer of athletic footwear which has more than 1,900 stores around the world. The locations of Foot Locker are spread in 21 countries in which 1,171 stores are located in the U.S. The products of Foot Locker are including shoes for men, women, and children, clothing, and accessories. You can find casual, training, running, and basketball shoes in Foot Locker. Foot Locker also offers you many opportunities of building careers and you can join in Foot Locker in an exciting job. Here you will get more information about how to join in Foot Locker and what positions offered in this company.

Foot Locker Job Application Online

If you are interested in applying in Foot Locker, you can visit the website then you will get Footlocker job application form PDF print out available there. You can click on the “Career Opportunities” at the bottom of the webpage to search for the job vacancies. Then when you see “Join Our Team”, it will display the link for “Home Office” or “Store”. You will be requested to enter location of zip code you wish to have job when you select “Store”. You should set up user account to proceed and then you can see the job responsibilities in details. There are many positions available, just view the job description of the job you are interested in then submit your application form. To apply in Footlocker, you need to fulfill the requirements according to education and experience. There is also minimum age for the applicant which is 18 years old. However, there are some stores accepting employment for a 16 years old candidate, but the applicants need to contact the local store to ensure the minimum age required for joining as employment.

Job Titles and Salary Information in Foot Locker

There are part time and full time job vacancies offered in Foot Locker including Sales Associate, Manager, Assistant Manager, Sales Lead, and Keyholder jobs. Different positions have different duties and salaries. As Sales Associates, they are responsible to assist customers including operating registers, taking care of stocking product, and finishing assigned tasks. The rate of starting pay of Sales Associates is near minimum wages. As Managers, they are responsible in hiring new employees, making workers’ schedule, training associates, and overseeing daily operations of the stores. The starting salaries of Managers are between $20,000 and $50,000. The salary will depend on the job title, experience of the Managers, and location of the stores. Beside some positions above, you can also apply for other positions as copywriter, graphic designer, store planner, administrative assistant, warehouse associate, and order picker positions. Foot Locker offers you competitive pay rates. The workers can also get flexible schedule, job training payment, and competitive pay scales. There are future planning perks, health bonuses, and other benefits for the employees as paid vacation days and management training. Visit the Foot Locker website, apply online, and get more information about benefits of Foot Locker employment. Reference:

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Foot Locker Job Application Form Print Out in PDF

Footlocker Job Application Form PDF Print Out

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