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logo-fortinosFor those of you who are looking for part-time and full-time job, you can apply to Fortinos. Fortinos is a grocery store that will hire you on a regular basis and are looking for workers who have a highly motivated and able to work as a team. Fortinos will accept applicants who do not have work experience. You can take a look for further information at Fortinos’s website. Fortinos is a grocery store in Canada and collaborate with several companies. Fortinos offers customers a wide range of fresh and high quality products at affordable prices, such as meat and seafood.

Salary and Position

Minimum age to be received at Fortinos is 14 years old. Workers will also be given a flexible work schedule, training, and basic salary. Workers who have work experience will get a higher salary and employee welfare benefit.

The first position offered is a cashier. The cashier will be in charge of payments from customers and answer all questions about the product submitted by customers. Working hours are given for a part-time worker is 15 to 20 hours per day. The cashier will also deal directly with customers with a friendly and a good personality. Salary per hour to be received by a cashier is $ 11.00 and $ 12.00.

Furthermore, applicants who are interested in working on the night shift will be responsible for stocking, preserve the building, and sanitation. On the night shift, Fortinos will involve manual labor and must have good health. Salary to be received is $ 25,000 per year. Fortinos also open jobs as a clerk. A clerk will be in charge of cutting the meat, flowering, set the display, and adjust the product.

Fortinos also will open up great opportunities for those who have work experience and have over 18 years of age. Fortinos will employ individuals who have strong leadership, motivation, and organizational skills. Managerial responsibility on the part of this includes the recruitment and training of new employees. In addition, they must set a schedule, set the salaries of employees, and perform administrative tasks. Supervisors will receive a salary for about $ 40,000 a year and more than $ 55,000 for an experienced store manager supermarket.

Its Benefits

Fortinos’s employee will get health insurance, financial aid and education. Fortinos also inexpensive and will give discounts to expand career opportunities for employees. In addition, Fortinos also will give the employees a flexible work schedule and competitive wages to its employees. They also will provide retirement benefits and some health insurance option. It will usually be given an opportunity for full-time employees.

Minimum age to work at Fortinos: 14

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