Free General Questions and Answers for Interview

Tell Me About Yourself

This is the most popular question given firstly when you are interviewed. It may be the most important question which needs to be answered by ‘selling’ yourself and showing who you are. When you have got this question as the first question in interview, it means that you must have strong answer. Avoid giving too modest answer. It is better for you to start your answer with “As you can see from my resume…” then mention your degrees and certifications. You need to continue to explain your relevant experience. Give a good answer for your skills and strength.

What are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

It may be possible for the interviewers to ask you about your strength and weakness in the specific question. When you are asked this type of questions, you need to give the answer which is relevant for the interviewer. You can explain your strength to the job and tell them that you are a qualified person as the right candidate for the job they offer. Don’t explain about what you can do and all your skills to do the job which is not relevant with the job opportunity offered. You can tell them all your strong points that make you success in the job. Related to the personality, you can highlight good personality you have in doing the previous job while the job is different from what is offered, and you can add that you will have the same personality in doing the job offered. Then you can explain your weakness to show that you are not arrogant. Explain the true weakness by following the solutions of all your weakness when you are hired in the job.

Why Should We Hire You?

This type of question is one of some free general questions and answers for interview. If the interviewers ask you about why they should hire you, you must be careful in giving answer. You need to describe your skills and experience which are relevant with the job opportunity. Don’t forget to mention your success in the previous job by explaining it confidently.

Reason for Leaving Current Job

You should be careful in answering this question. Avoid giving negative comments about employers in your past job. It is also important to avoid giving bad comments about the company, your manager, or your colleagues. Rather than answering it by negative comments, you are better to explain that your reason for leaving the job is more related to your intention for new challenge, opportunity, or increasing your responsibility. You can add how hard you worked at the previous job or how good you were in doing all your past duties, and how you want to use your skills for the future job. Use this type of question to just focus on how you want to improve and increase your skill to do the duties in the job opportunity offered. Being positive in answering this question can give good impression of yourself.

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