Front Office Assistant Cover Letter Example

In the job world, there is a thing called cover letter. The most important thing about the cover letter is honesty and clarity. When the interviewer selects up your cover letter, it means that they want more than to read something that is clear and concise and is relevant to the job you are applying. If the cover letter does not have any of the criteria, it will get thrown in the bin or archived for later.

If you have made the cover letter for the certain job such as front office assistant, please read it over once for smoothness. You can check how well-organized it is. If there is any mistake that you did the first time around, please fit it as soon as possible. When it is fixed, it is better for you to re-read it one more time. In some cases, the mistakes are still there in this second round. Once again, fix it if there is any mistake.

If you feel like you are not confident enough with your cover letter for the front office assistant, here is the sample of the front office assistant cover letter that can be your reference. Please read it well little by little.

In the first step, you have to mention the place when you write the cover letter. For example:

526 West Street
Milan, IL 52144

Then, you have to add the date of when you write the cover letter. The format goes month-date-year. For example: January 25, 2019

The next thing that you have to do is to mention the one that you addresses. You can mention the name, the position, and the address. For example:

Mr. Cristiano Ronaldo
Hiring Manager
MUFC Corporation
757 7th Street W
Dallas, TX 27666

The fourth step is probably the most important one as it will consist of the content. Before writing about the content, first of all, you have to address the name that you have mentioned in the previous step first. For the body of the cover letter, you can include the position your are applying for (in this case, it is front office assistant) and why the employer should select you for the interview. You can mention all of your achievements related to the position. Aside from that, you can also include the role that you had when you worked in the previous office.

For the front office assistant, some of the example roles that you can mention are streamlining front desk operations by providing core level 1 training to front desk officers, reducing paperwork by 85% by introducing databases for record-keeping purposes, and so on. Another important thing is to mention your educational background. In the end, you can emphasize about your capability and the desire that you have. Do not forget to tell the employer that you are ready for the position and ask them to invite you for interview. In the very last part of the cover letter, remember to put your name.

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