Furnace Operator Cover Letter Sample

If you become a furnace operators, you will perform a lot of hard work and the evidence that you are able to work hard needs to go into your cover letters. When you apply for this job, you have to be able to emphasize your knowledge of setting up and calibrating furnaces. Make sure that in your cover letter you highlight how exceptional you are at operating furnaces in order to heat aluminum slabs and fabricated forms. Besides, your ability to begin and stop conveyor belts and adjust heat to maintain temperature should also be highlighted.

When you write your cover letter, you have to make sure that it sounds true. Do not try to exaggerate your ability to handle complex furnace operations if you cannot do that. You need to tell the hiring manager that you are able to feed and remove materials from furnaces in a safe manner. Then, do not forget to provide information on how much you know about preventive and regular maintenance work.

Here, we provide you an example of a furnace operator cover letter.

Sania Miller

6754 Nineteenth Street

Anyville, USA 76543

August 7, 2005

Mr. Ben Tompson

ABC Manufacturing Company

65 Poster Avenue

Anyville, USA 87654

Dear Mr. Tompson,

I am writing this cover letter to apply for the position that you posted on jobseeker.com. I have worked as a furnace operator for various manufacturing companies over the past 15 years.

Over the past 15 years, I performed a wide variety of tasks such as operating and maintaining furnaces, following standard procedures. My niche is preparing furnaces for casting. I am also proficient in maintaining casting operations by stirring, fluxing and skimming furnaces. In addition, I am also able to remove products from cast pits and perform weigh checks. Ensuring that safe working conditions are maintained and maintaining reliable operations of furnaces are also my strong point.

If you are looking for person who is able to work as a furnace operator, I am sure that I can be the best person to hire because I have experience and also skills that can help this company to run its business.

I appreciate your time for reviewing my credentials and experience. I look forward to getting a call for interview at your earliest convenience.


Sania Miller.

It is an example that you can use to make a cover letter if you want to apply a job as a furnace operator. When you make a cover letter, make sure that it is short. You need to know that the content of the cover letter is a summary of your resume. So, do not write more than one page. Then, if you apply for more than one companies, you have to use a different cover letter for each job that you apply for. Your cover letter has to show that you know the job involves and what the employer is looking for. The last, you have to check your cover letter again after you finish writing it. It is done to make sure that you do not have typos, error grammar and error spelling.

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