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logo-gameStopHave you heard anything about the Game Stop? Well, if you have not, then we would like to introduce you with the world’s largest entertainment software retailer which has become video game retailer as well. When speaking about Game Stop, you will be amazed by just reading a fact stated that the company has more than 6,500 stores around the globe. That means you will be dealing with a really great video game retailer that can indulge video game fans. It serves fans and customers with plenty of games in all platforms. That is why employees who work at a Game Stop’s retailer store must learn some tricks and tips, all of which related to gaming. Customers can shop any game they want by choosing to shop online or visit a store near your residence. Game Shop retail store can be found in a shopping centre (mall) or in a standalone building. Game Stop comes with recent growth which in essence is fantastic and phenomenal as well. Their stores are not only available in the United States, but also in many other countries including the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Canada, and Australia. The growth of Game Stop is also signified by a game-based website, Kongregate, which currently has more than 14 million users! Do you want to join the Game Stop by working as their employees?

If so, then we will provide you with the information about the available positions at Game Stop. Basically, there will always be an opportunity for those who want to get a job in the field of game retailers. Game Stop offers an array of opportunities including full time and part time jobs, salary jobs, and hourly jobs. The opportunities include:

1) Store Management

Career in managerial positions may start as a full store manager or assistant store manager. The amount of total salary depends solely on the level of experience you have. If you are a store manager, you will be expected to work in a variety of working hours. The salary of store manager varies, ranging from $ 28,000 up until $ 55,000 in a year, not included bonuses.

2) Sales/Game Advisors

This opportunity is included in the entry-level positions. Those who start with this position should begin with a specific minimum wage (which depends on the wage law applied in your state). As a game advisor, you can be either a part-time or full-time worker.

3) Customer Service

As you might have known, customer service is a part of job at the entry-level positions, so the level is the same as the game advisors. Customer service duties are typically associated with how to assist customers to get what they want.

So, do you want to send any job application to them? You should visit, and then find your way to a section “careers”. There you will find the online application form. You should state your experience and skills, and some other required information. Please submit the form after completing it. There is also the printable application that can be downloaded easily. Complete this kind of application and bring it to the nearest Game Stop store in your residence.

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GameStop Job Application Form



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