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Giant Tiger is one of largest department stores in Canada. This department store offers variety products for all people and for daily household needs. This department store provides unique and also friendly place to get all things that people need such as home, grocery need, fashion need and some other things. This department store is solid retailer and today has already experienced for 50 years. This dynamic retailer gives you opportunity to work and develop your skill together. There are some positions available to apply and you better check one by one first before you apply the job.

Store Supervisor Application

This position is suitable for all of you who have interpersonal; and also communication skill. What your responsibility when you work as store supervisor?

  • You are responsible to buy, merchandise, and replenish product
  • You are responsible for the inventory management
  • You need to train, coach, supervise and motivate workers in your department
  • You must close and open the store

Cashier Application

This position is suitable for all of you who have good personality and friendly to all customers. You must work 20 up to 30 hours in a week. Your job desks are:

  • Answer all customers about merchandise, products, policies and some other things.
  • Operate cash register

How about salary for this position? You can get $10.00 up to $12.00 per hour

Follow Internship Program

You can apply job with some positions above or you who like to learn how to become entrepreneur for your own business can apply for Internship program that is offered to you. There are some benefits that you will get when you apply for this program.

Benefits Internship Program:

  • Learn how to become fun, savings, and smart owners and operators
  • Know how to best buying and decide all things for store
  • Develop skills in business


  • You must have passion in merchandising
  • Have retail experience in some retails stores
  • Complete the application and complete business retail education before
  • Have entrepreneurial spirit

How to apply jobs and internship program at Giant Tiger? You who are interested in applying jobs or internship program can check website of Giant Tiger to get the application form. You must submit your resume too for jobs and internship program. You must know that only qualified candidate that will be contacted and being interviewed. There are some benefits that you will get when you work at Giant Tiger such as getting high salary, retirement plans, financial planning assistant, medical and life insurance, and some other benefits. You who are interested in applying job and join at this company can apply job now.

Minimum age to work at Giant Tiger: 16

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