Graphic Design Cover Letter Sample

Graphic design is a job with high prospect. Many products include this work of art in the production. It is a creative process that combines art and technology to communicate ideas. The designers deal with different kinds of communication tool to deliver a message from a client to a particular audience. They work with drawn, painted, photographed or computer-generated images, but also design the letterforms that make up various typefaces found in movie credits and TV ads, in magazines, books and menus, and even on computer screen.

Creative Directors and Art Directors always seek for the next great designer to add to their team. They are busy and have to complete jobs to impress the clients. If you feel so sure with your skills, it is worth sending them a professional cover letter. Take the advantage of your experience in graphics. It is to show that you are an artist who can create fresh and unique works. Enclose any special project you have completed that led to an award or prize of some kind. It will make your cover letter and level of professionalism more noticed by the employers. Use the following sample to guide you:

Alice Job Seeker
900 Job Finder Avenue
Any Town, USA 11111
Home: (777) 777-7777
Cell: (222) 222-2222

September 08, 2014

Ms. Roseanne Bender
Hiring Director
Big Town Graphics
987 Artist’s Way
Big Town, USA 99999

Dear Ms. Bender:

This morning I’m writing cover letters to a variety of graphic design companies that I found listed on The job you posted, however, offers just the right mix of personal artistry and client requests as far as I’m concerned.
I’ve been doing graphic design for the last six years for a non-profit charity but now I’m ready to assume a position that will qualify me for a regular salary and company benefits, as well as challenging assignments that will call out the best in me.

As you can see from my attached resume, I have a number of projects listed for which I received numerous awards. If you choose to interview me in person, and I hope you will, I promise to show you what I can do and how well I can fulfill what is required of me if I win this position.
I’d be very pleased to speak with you in person in detail if you’d like to meet. I’m available at 777-777-7777 each weekday afternoon from 2:00 pm on. Thank you for reading my cover letter and resume. I look forward to the opportunity to meet you.

Alice Job Seeker

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