Graphic Design Resume Sample

To apply for a job, you have to take a big attention to the detail. It means, you have to make the resume as good as it can be. Portfolio is important, but it will be useless without the good presentation. For a graphic design job, companies will take a look at the graphic design of the resume first. Next, they will see the portfolio. To get the good “first impression”, you can try to take a classy paper. Your attention to the graphic design will show your attention in detail. In the other words, it shows your credibility in this job.

There is one thing to note about selecting resume style for graphic design job. Selecting the wrong resume style may throw you from the graphic design job. Maybe you ever heard about chronological resume, functional resume and active resume. But when it talks about the best one, getting the right answer is not that easy. The most graphic design job seekers take the wrong resume style. Unfortunately, the number is about 95%. Only 5% graphic design job seekers take the right resume style. So, let’s see to the other side. If you take the right resume style, the chance to get the graphic design job will absolutely improve.

In making graphic design resume, your layout must be like this. Highlight your skill by adding the visual elements and choosing the attractive color as well as the font.

1. Name and Contact

In a resume, make sure to display it. Make it noticeable and put the specific job you ask. In here, “graphic designer” should be the written on the resume.

2. Personal Objective

Tell about your goal and the desired position here. Ensure the company why you deserve to get the position.

3. Experience

What makes you different than the other job seekers is not just about your name, your education and your skill. Your experience will make you more valuable to hire. List your experience here and make sure to write it completely. This is including the job title, the location, the dates of employment as well as the brief description.

4. Education and Training

In here, you need to insert your degree, the date of graduation and the university you attended. Do not forget to write its location as well.

5. Talent and Abilities

Accomplishment and specialties must be displayed here.

6. Software Skills

Write down your skill, specifically on software. If you can write a code, write it here as well.

7. Award

If you ever won a contest or get an award, write it here.

8. Organizations

List the professional organizations you belong to here. Make sure the organization relate to graphic design field.

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