Hair Stylist Sample Resume

When you apply for a job, one thing that you have to make is resume. No matter how good you are, if you cannot make the good resume, it will be useless. Content is important, but you also need to make it as effective as it can be. In here, you have to be able to sell your skill.

The role of the resume is real. It allows you to go to the interview and give the better chance to get the dream job. Unfortunately, the most job seekers make a serious mistake. About 95% job seekers use the wrong resume style. If you do the same, your path will end on the same place. But if you make it on the right style, you can reverse it and get the bigger chance. At least, the success rate will reach up to 95%.

Before applying a job, make sure to read the job description thoroughly. From here, you can see what the hiring manager want and write the better resume. A resume must be related to the job and to do point. You have to make it as short as it can be. Ideally, resume must be written on a single page. But if you cannot do this, 2 pages are still acceptable. To see what to write on your resume, take a look to the hair stylist sample resume below.

Shannon Cook
678 Cook Avenue
Plainfield, CA 67866
Home: (321) 431-1231
Cell: (321) 544-1232

Professional Summary

Write the summary of your previous job. Make sure the job relates to hair stylist. Write the previous salon name, the address and the term you work in the salon. Tell about what you can here. Attract the hiring manager with your passion and your commitment as well and make sure to make it short.

Career Experience and Accomplishments

If you ever worked on the same position, write it here as well. Tell the detail of your previous career such as what you do on the previous job. Use bullets to make it easier to understand. The period on this position must be written as well. One more thing to note, make sure to focus on the related accomplishments and make it short.

Education and Development

Write your previous education and development in here. If you ever got hair styling development programs, write it as well. Your education and development will show your competency, specifically on this field.


In here, you can write your achievements and awards. By having the related awards, the chance to get the job will be better too.

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