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Hart is one of Canadian discount retailers that have already experienced since 1960. Now, you can find more than 60 Hart Stores and it shows that this retail stores has great development and all people must want to develop their skills and competency in this retail store too. This store offers you so many products such as home decor products, housewares products, clothing and some other products. If you are looking for part time job or full time job, you better know some opportunities that offered to you by this department store.

Store Manager Application

This position is available for you in some regions such as Quebec, Abitibi and Sheerbrooke. Before you apply this job, you better check responsibilities of this job. Your responsibilities are:

  • Ensure sales growth, customer satisfaction, and better management
  • Contribute all success of the store in your region
  • Plan and also do direct activities of the store
  • Build positive corporate image, design all things to impress and attract customer and maintain customer loyalty for the store

How about requirements for this position? You who like to apply this job must have high school education background, at least have 5 years experience in same position, can speak in French and English, has organizational skill, good motivational skill, and have good knowledge too in merchandising.

Assistant Manager Application

This position is available for you who apply Hart store in Quebec region. You who like to apply this job are responsible to:

  • Assist staff and all workers and ensure coverage in the store.
  • Develop staff competencies
  • Contribute overall success of your store in the region

You who like to apply this position must have high school education background, at least three years experience in similar position, have good knowledge in merchandising, and have knowledge about retail environment too.

How to apply job above? You who are interested to apply one of positions above at Hart Store can send your resume now. You never need to come to the store directly because what you need to do is just sending resume via email or fax. You must be patient because only selected and qualified candidate that will be contacted for next process. Hart Store offers you some best facilities such as life insurance, retirement planning, financial assist planning, and competitive salary for all workers. You can get discounts too from Hart Store when you purchase products at the store. You will not only get better salary but you will get great experience when you work at Hart Store.

Minimum age to work at Hart: 16

Official Site: www.hartstores.com/about-us/careers/

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