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Are you interested working on fast food industry? If it is so, you can start to prepare your application letter and send it to Harvey. Harvey is considered as a fast growing fast food industry in Canada. They are maintaining up to more than 100 restaurants around Canada. Those restaurants grab up to 7000 employees. They still find new employees to join the team. Even, they are welcome beginner job applicants and of course professional applicants. You can apply for part time jobs or full time jobs. Interestingly, Harvey’s application program is offering several jobs to apply. Those are including cashier, garnish maker, line cooker, and supervisor.

For those who love to serve and meet people directly, you can just apply as cashier. This type of job is interesting to do because you have to be able to operate cashier machine. This is not the only skill you need to have because you also need to have well communication skill. By doing this interesting and fun job, you can earn minimum wage up to $11.00 per hour. It is also possible for you to do a unique job by joining Harvey. Can you imagine that you will be a garnish maker? So, what is your responsibility? You will prepare the garnish and topping of burgers requested by your customers. You have to be careful although this job looks simple and you need to have a good communication skill. The challenge is not making mistake but you have to do it faster while paying attention to the detail. This job is a great job especially if you want to earn salary around $10.00 per hour. On the other hand, if you love cooking, you can just send your job application as line cooker. You have a job to operate the grill and broil burger. You have to make sure that those ingredients perfectly served. The challenge of doing this job is that you have to cook the menu based on the health and safety guidelines from Harvey. Later, you will get around $10.00 up to $12.00 per hour. Those three jobs can be applied for new entry level and part time jobs applicants. It doesn’t require specific knowledge and skill.

It will be different compared to supervisor. Harvey will pay you around $30.000 up to $50.000 per year to work at this position. You have enough working experience and skill related to managing schedules, sales analyzing, ensuring customer satisfaction, and many more. If you think it is a great chance, just click the link below and follow the instruction to be a new job applicant.

Minimum age to work at Harvey’s: 16

Official Site: www.cara.monstermediaworks.ca/harveys/

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