Health Care Cover Letter Sample

Looking for the right job might be quite difficult sometimes, especially when the candidates came in quite large number while the position only needs one person or two. On the other hand, there are various types of job that you could choose to apply these days based on your skills, experiences, and personal preferences. One of the most popular line of jobs that you could find these days is work in health care institution. If you want to apply as a health care, you might need to know about how to create a good cover letter for this position. There are several important details that you need to notice so that you will be able to create cover letter with good quality.

The number of people who want to apply as health care is quite large these days. Since the competition is quite tight, you might need to know the strategy to get this job effectively. One of the most important things that you should do is creating a good cover letter for the position. If you want to capture the attention of hiring manager effectively you need to put several essential things on your cover letter, including work experiences that are related to the job that you apply for, your commitment to the company that you are writing to, and your passions in taking care the patients. By giving these details to the hiring manager through your cover letter, your chance in getting the job might be increased.

Below is the example of a good health care cover letter.

Samantha Colbert
900 Pear Avenue
Illinois, USA 55555
Home: (900) 900-9000
Cell: (300) 300-3000

September 16, 2014

Mr. Russell Grant
Hiring Manager
Virginia Health Clinic
77 Hospital Way
Virginia, USA 33333

Dear Mr. Grant:

For the past eight years I have been worked as nursing assistant in health care industry. Today, I am looking for new position so that I could use my administrative skills. When I saw your post on about looking for person who is qualified to update files, handling patient charts, and fielding phone calls at nurses’ station in your clinic, I decide to write this cover letter for this job.

I really like to speak with you directly if you’d like to know what I am capable of and how my skills could fit your requirements for the person who you want to hire to fill this position.

You can contact me at my phone number for scheduling the meeting. I really appreciate your time for reading this cover letter and giving me the opportunity for an interview later. I am very willing to take the responsibility for this position.


Samantha Colbert

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