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As a high school or college student, it is important to have enough money. One of possible ways to earn more money to support your study is by working. Just take the part time job so you can manage it with your study schedules. The big chance is working at a burger restaurant and you can send your application letter to Hero. Hero is a certified burger restaurant and they want to develop their business in the future. To achieve this goal, they need new employees to join their team. If you have positive attitude, friendly and able to work with team, you can consider sending your application letter here. Besides sending your application letter via online, you can also directly come to the local Hero Certified Burger restaurants around your living area to give the application letter.

Specifically, you can apply for several jobs. Those are including cashier, cooker and team management. The jobs are welcome to part time or full time jobseekers. So, if you are a student and you need money to support your study, you can try this big opportunity. The salary of the job is various and it depends on the type of job you want to apply. For example, if you still don’t have any experience working on a burger restaurant, you can apply as cashier. In this case, you just need to learn how to operate cashier machine and be a friendly person. Hero certified burger restaurant is welcoming part time or full time jobseekers to apply for this position. The salary they offer to you is hourly and you will get around $11.00 per hour and it can be increased based on your working performance. For those who have specific skill like cooking skill, you are able to apply a position as a cooker. A cooker will be paid around $11.00 up to $12.00 per hour. If you have experience and managerial skills, you can just apply a little bit higher position. The job of managerial team is even complicated than you can imagine. At the same time, you will get up to $40.000 per year.

The most important thing is that you can get a lot of benefits. As an employee at Hero certified burger restaurant, you can manage your schedule more flexible. You are also get discount when you buy on your own company. Interestingly, you will get medical, dental and vision insurance. Your focus is working and let Hero certified burger restaurant manages your important needs. Just check the complete information from the link below.

Minimum age to work at Hero Certified Burgers: 16

Official Site: www.heroburgers.com/contact_us.php

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